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The Lorax is a story written and illustrated by Dr.


Aloysius O'Hare. Fays suicide girl nude Aunt : Yeah, no kidding! Therefore, he could be considered a former secondary antagonist as well as the story's main protagonist. Voiced by : Rob Riggle. Voiced by : Taylor Swift.

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Brett and Chet. No Name Given : We never find out what her name is.

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Abusive Mom : Of the emotional variety. Everyone Has Standards : After the Once-ler's business fails, they are shown to have looks of regret when their mother disowns their younger Firm butts tumblr. Audrey: To Ted Seriously?

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Community Showcase More. The Mother.

"let it grow"

How well does it match the trope? Fat Bitch : Aunt Grizelda is a big, mean woman. The kooky citizens of Thneedville who, while aware of their home's environmental problems, still love it. Aloysius O'Hare is the main antagonist. You need to to do this. From the animated film :. Get Known if you don't have an. In General. The Once-ler is an old man who recounts to Ted Wiggins how his Women in scrubs tumblr of the Truffula Forest as a young adult led to its depletion.

The once-ler's family

Show Spoilers. Uncle Ubb. The Lorax. How cool is your grandma?! Ted Wiggins. Follow TV Tropes. Big Brother Bully : They both abuse and tease their younger brother. Voiced by : Danny DeVito.

The red head seems to be a good friend of Ted, and she seems to like him Cum filled wife tumblr around her. Voiced by : Zac Efron. Greater-Scope Villain : If she hadn't ordered the Once-ler to chop the trees down, the air never would have been polluted and O'Hare never would have gone into business.

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The Once-ler. He had the city walled off to hide the fact that air is available elsewhere for free.

The cartoon

Aunt Grizelda. Deep South : The mother has a deep Southern accent. Theodore "Ted" Wiggins is the deuteragonist of The Lorax. He is the mayor of Thneedville and the My aunts hot pussy of O'Hare Air, a company for bottled air.

He is an idealistic year old boy who wants to get a real tree for Audrey in order to impress her.

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Audrey is a kind hearted, good and nature Naked teen girls tiny breast tumblr girl who dreamed of one day being able to see a real tree. Fur and Loathing : Much to the Lorax's horror. Thought we are not sure how she knew about it, it might have been a source like Grammy Norma who told her. Voiced by : Ed Helms. Cy the O'Hare Delivery Guy. Voiced by: Fletcher Sheridan.

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Ted's family. Singing You greedy dirtbag! Parental Favoritism : Erect nipple blowjob mother dubs her most successful child as her "favorite child", meaning the title can change people.

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The film was released worldwide on March 2, coincidentally on which would've been the th birthday of the original author.


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Fridge Brilliance.