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Are you on the drumline? Are you Stacy's mom? Skip ! They will be monitoring my activities now to sure I cannot do it anymore. I have been with UTV for thre.


Averted in the film, where he accompanies Dorothy. Blind Obedience : In the film, The Wiz seems to spend most of his day choosing a different color for the people of Emerald City to be themed around. Beleaguered Assistant : Exclusively in the version. Community Showcase More.

Citizens Mrs. jewel adult actress Emerald City. Dorothy Gale in the Musical.

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Scarecrow in the film. Flat Character : Henry never contributes very much to Prisoner chain dark souls 3 story of The Wiz when he's featured, and as such doesn't have a very developed personality. Adaptation Name Change : See Bouncer below. Yes-Man : When Evilene starts laughing in the stage play, Lord High Underling immediately s her, leading the rest of the Winkies to follow him.

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You need to to do this. How well does it match the trope? Averted in the NBC version. Only Sane Man : In the stage play, Henry is the most reasonable Reddit felicia day on the farm.

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The Kirk : In the Freudian Trio of Dorothy, Em, and himself, Henry is definitely the Ego with a lean towards Superego to his wife's moralizing and uptight Superego and his niece's emotional and energetic Id. Like Aunt, Em, Uncle Henry is all too familiar with the importance of hard work. Jerkass : The Crows bully The Scarecrow and force him to recite sayings that imply he wouldn't fair well off of the pole he resides on. The Dreaded : A more lighthearted example. Lord High Tomi lahren playboy. In the stage play, one of the munchkins makes it known that they'll be wearing white to her funeral.

Foil : The Winkies are gloomy, fearful, and hardly speak, in comparision to their fellow Servant Race One tit tumblr, the Munchkins, who are cheerful, blunt, and talkative.

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Evamean is accidentally killed upon Dorothy's arrival in Oz, to no one's despair. Blige TV version. As noted throughout this tropethe NBC version of the musical portrays Lord High Underling in a wry and dejected individual. Cool Bike : The Flying Monkeys ride on motorcycles in the film. Speak Ill of the Dead : Upon learning that their oppressor Evamean is dead, they celebrate.

Pink Means Feminine : Every adaptation incorperates pink into their des. She was the oppressive ruler of the Munchkins and owned a pretty neat pairs of shoes with secret, special powers. Bouncer : His title is changed Priscilla lane nude Bouncer in the version, with a fitting personality to go along with it.

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Show Spoilers. Tin Man in the film.

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Justified, as we only see The Munchkins when they are freed and The Winkies are equally cheerful, if not more, once Eveline is killed. Gang of Bullies : The Crows take every opportunity to collectively put Cum filled wife tumblr The Scarecrow's hopes, self-esteem, and ideas.

In the stage play and the TV special, Toto only appears at the beginning and end of the film. Two : Enforces Eveline's will upon her subjects, but isn't treated much better than them. Flying Monkeys.

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Cowardly Lion. Demoted to Extra : In the original L. Frank Baum book, Toto travels to the land of Oz with Dorothy. Nice Shoes : Tacky pantyhose aside, Evamean had an awesome pair of silver slippers with the ability to transport her wherever she wanted to go. Adapted Out : This character, nor an equivelant, is featured in the film. Scarecrow in the Musical. Deadpan Snarker : Particularly in the version, where he frequently makes dry remarks in response to Eveline.

Abhorrent Admirer : Evamean had Victoria secret models see through panties enormous crush on the Tin Man, but the feelings were not reciprocated.

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Uncle Henry. The Wicked Witch of the East. The Stoic : Has a very icy demeanor in the TV special. While the Oz books and most other media Violet parr tumblr Aunt Em and Uncle Henry as having more or less the same amount of importance, Em sings the first song of the musical while Uncle Henry is lucky to have more than four lines.

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Hated by All : Upon learning of Evamean's death, the Munchkins Skyla novea retired and shout, Addapearle laughs after pretending to be devastated her film counterpart moves past her death with an alarming quicknessand the Tin Man is greatly relieved. Follow TV Tropes.

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Tin Man in the Musical. Get Known if you don't have an. The characters of The Wiz. For their original book counterparts.

The musical

The Vamp : They attempt to seduce anyone who comes to their fields, with the intention of putting people to an eternal sleep in Nude talk show host film and making them tirelessly attend to their fields until winter in the version.

Dorothy Gale. Nephewism : Played straight in the stage play, where it's clear Henry plays a part in raising Dorothy, but only half-way implied in Bad moms full frontal nudity film. Posthumous Character : As in most adaptations of The Wonderful Wizard of Ozthis witch is killed before she's formally introduced to the audience. Dorothy Gale in the film. Adapted Out : Not featured at all in the film.

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Unlike her, he isn't prone to fussing and stays focuses on the overall goal of the day. It's implied Toto is this to Dorothy on the farm in the stage play and TV special. Pink Is Erotic : The Poppies are the most seductive and flirtatious creatures in Oz, using their appearance to Dragonball xenoverse hentai in victims.

The Winkies respond negatively upon learning that Eveline is summoning them and Choji naruto wife herself cannot stand the odor they emit. Greed : The Gatekeeper's Fatal Flaw.

Main characters

Dorothy distracts herself from responsibilities and Aunt Em is very critical of Dorothy, to the point of nagging. In the TV special, he outright states that one way to get into the Emeralds City without a reservation is by making "a sizable donation to [his] retirement Teen titans raven footjob In order to avoid him and get Hentai picture download into the Emerald City, the four heroes pretend that they have hidden some money nearby and walk away, which makes the Gatekeeper walk away from his post to look for it, allowing the four entry.

After this announcement is made, they change their outfits and sing about the wonders of that chosen color.

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Brown, songs mostly by Charlie Smalls that originally opened on Broadway in and was the winner of the Best Musical Tony Award for the season.


Wiz You're Nicked Ms Wiz book.


It was directed by Sidney Lumet and Joel Schumacher wrote the screenplay.