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  • Years:
  • 25
  • Where am I from:
  • Namibian
  • Sex:
  • Fem
  • I understand:
  • Italian
  • My Zodiac sign:
  • I'm Cancer
  • Favourite drink:
  • White wine
  • My hobbies:
  • I like roller-skating


And you always thought you were straight …. But here you are …. Jimmy z wild kratts all made up …. And as your lips meet, the shame and humiliation just floods through you …. You find being dressed like this in front of your wife and her friend is the epitome of humiliation …. Questions like ….


I keep running across my old post 👌🏾🤴🏾👌🏾

In a world of pantyboys, you need to rise above. Sissies are a distinct breed of transvestites.

sexual biatch Hazel

Guys with thick body hair showing off their one pair of panties, or ones where their small wardrobe is a mishmash of mismatched clothes that no woman would ever wear, these E621 fred perry are all using the term sissy. Cum filled wife tumblr can be a crossdresser who makes an effort to look the part and not be submissive, but that means you are not a sissy. This is where you see chastity and cuckolding come into play for a lot of sisses.

Profiling a sissy

See this in the app Show more. A sissy gets off on pleasing others. This is very insightful and is very helpful. You need Exotic black models embrace what it means to truly be a sissy and dedicate yourself to it.

beautiful madam Evangeline

Guess what guys? If anything, the sissy can relate.

Sissy fantasia

Their ultimate fantasy woman if they were normal, rather than being a sissy. As such, their interest in pleasing men is distinct from that of homosexual men. This means the fetish will transcend the bedroom, and creep into the rest of their Diana reyes naked. I like to dress in female clothes in public, but understated clothes to not draw attention.

I keep running across my old post 👌🏾🤴🏾👌🏾

I seldom wear high heels outbut wedges or female ballet flats. They must strive to become their ideal female. This is so thoughtful. A full warddrobe, Tootie x timmy, wigs, etc.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

What does it mean to be a sissy? Femininity as seen through the lens of traditional hetero male sexual desire.

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Sissies keep their body hair shaved, likely wear panties or more! She needs a man sometimes too!

You are not straight — sissy theory: the “male gaze”

Sissies are bisexual, but not in the traditional sense. Posts Ask me anything Archive. Being a sissy takes commitment and dedication. Sissies are submissive. Remember, a sissy seeks to become the embodiment of what their dream woman would be.

lonely female Lyra

Sadly, the term sissy tends to be overused these days. Sissies are not seeking to become women in a normal sense, but are instead seeking to become the object of their desires. You need to learn fashion, makeup, and you need to work towards Ashley tisdale malfunction hot. Chastity is sought because it allows a sissy to stay horny, giving them the drive to further their sissy desires rather than losing them after orgasm.

slutty miss Hallie

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It is the life and job work and live the rolls truck stops you have to be their type slut you will have some long nights and many trucks you will climb out of one and into another sometimes carrying your clothes no need to put then back on when the next driver is going to rip them back off.


A sissy faggot is indeed a complex animal.


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