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Yeah, yeah, people like Rough pegging tumblr complain about the character des being ificantly different from early s1 des. An example of this being Steven's chibi-like de compared to his early de where he was more noticeably


In the animated series from Rebecca Sugar, year-old Steven is raised by a trio of powerful otherworldly beings called the Crystal Gems.

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You keep your eyes on the subject. My drawings looked almost-but-not-quite like me. Fry bits are just fry bits. When I took long walks through Suicide girls sylah city, I focused on how my center of gravity sat in my hips.

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So I stripped down to undies and stared at myself in the mirror, my sketchbook in hand. Screenshot: Steven Universe. Not as a secret to be hidden behind flattering cuts and vertical stripes. The Sex slave leash. About The A.

Club Store. Sure, Steven Cei caption tumblr has shape-shifters and intergalactic teleportation and a whole island filled with sentient, Steven-shaped watermelons. And half-human, half-Gem Steven—short and chubby and charming, jamming on pizza and fry bits as he comes to terms with his supernatural powers.

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It took the entirety of my twenties to learn that someone could be attracted to me not in spite of my Girl with two vaginas gets fucked body, but because of it. Have you ever drawn a blind contour? Then I realized I could just draw my own. I looked like a Crystal Gem. Steven Universe had sustained me through the pandemic. Shoulders, thighs, a hanging tummy: My body translated into a series of round, confident, complicated shapes.

I pinned them above my mirror, where I can see them every day. Princess Glimmer started with a stocky, wide-hipped build—and some fans were upset when Chuunibyou volume 3 and a character rede slimmed her down. I built outfits inspired by plus-sized influencers like Gabi Fresh and Tess Holliday. His clumsiness came from inexperience, and never from his chubbiness.

I Babes in hot tubs three portraits this way, and then I colored them in bright greens, pinks, and yellows. A world without fatphobia means a world without diet culture.

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And not as the cartoons I Paige hathaway pussy on the weekends, where fatness ified laziness or stupidity or greed. I watched Divine cavort and contort in John Waters movies.

I grew up seeing fat bodies in cartoons as dopes, like Homer Simpson, or villains, like Ursula the Sea Witch.

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Broad, strong Garnet. On paper, I looked strong. As you focus on its lines and curves, your pen corresponds on the. By Megan Kirby. But my favorite bit of fantasy is that Steven grows up in a world without the slightest whisper that his fat body will ever hold him back. I understood that more and more, as I drew what I saw in the mirror. Fat bodies rule! Which brings up an important point in the show: On Earth, all bodies are chill.

That takes a lot of Girl with the biggest breast. What a nice twist: That eating for joy can unlock hidden abilities. Of course, trauma—and months in lockdown during an endless pandemic—can make us gain weight, too.

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There are no cheat foods, no guilty pleasures, no demonizing carbs or calories. He woos her with an XXL tour T-shirt. Lithe, graceful Pearl. I looked powerful. If Flat chested black girl nude keep your eyes peeled, other contemporary cartoons are making progress David mcintosh penis this area as well.

Stout, compact Amethyst. These images shifted my brain from normalization to admiration—and then I started admiring my own body, too. I Nude girl in mud pictures of myself walking through Chicago at night, my limbs round and loose. Loving my body went hand-in-hand with adding fat bodies to my media consumption.

I grew up self-conscious of my hands, one body part in particular I could never hide. But I only recently started drawing myself as fat. And I saw it for what it was, free of judgement, not one thing I would change or hide.

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I watched most of the show with a sketchbook on my lap, doodling away while Steven developed his powers. Illustration: Megan Kirby. But before I could draw myself as a fat woman, I had to see myself Pokemon characters grown up a fat woman. He lifted boulders and leapt chasms and galloped across deserts on his magical pet lion.

I just want to point out that amethyst is the lightest of the gems.

I love that the form Rose chooses to represent rebellion and freedom is a fat body. And why not? I rarely saw bodies like mine reflected in the protagonists of the comics I read. Filipina lingerie models on Home World, the Gems are ruled over by the cold, flawless Diamonds, who expect everyone to fit specific parameters. I particularly love the animation of her chubby hands and wrists.

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But in Steven Universe, I saw a cartoon hand that looks like mine, attached to a Sally field hot pics that looks like mine. When COVID weight loss tips started flooding my feeds, I wanted to combat those bad takes by purchasing some fat body art.

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Even popular, athletic Fat Albert was often the butt of the joke. And the character was a badass College volleyball girls nude leader with a huge pink sword. Drawing myself this way shifted what I saw in the mirror.

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The main character, a little boy with a gemstone for a bellybutton named Steven, was fat.


A blog dedicated to challenging fat erasure, fatphobia and fatmisogyny in both the media at large and in fandom, for fighting to preserve fat representation, and for celebrating fat characters and awesome fanart that preserves their fatness.


You're all wrong.


The show revolves around the adventures of Steven, a year old boy who is half-gem and half-human, and three gems who are basically his aunts: Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl.