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A crafted item that would allow the player to put friendly NPCs on a leash and guide them to new areas. Perhaps one end of the leash could even be tethered to a certain point to prevent NPCs from leaving the area. So it took us about a month before we became slavers. Well Braless in walmart sub, well done.


Last edited: Aug 3, Celebrity playgirl photos JonesyAug 2, SleepySquiddPeppersnap and Hatsya Souji like this. Typically with games, slavery is included because slavers aren't the sort of people you feel guilty about killing.

In my personal opinion i do not think it really fits the starbound universe Slavery is more suitable in a dark gritty universe, again in my humble opinion, while starbound do have some stuff like that its Black breeding wife stories dark and gritty in general. And they won't wanna see Starbound slavery. The only way I'd ever support Starbound depicting slavery is by having slaver NPCs you can kill, and possibly even slaves you can free.

Ship crew members, yes. Last edited: Aug 4, Kitty katswell feetAug 4, JonesyAug 4, SleepySquiddAug 4, The Squid and Jonesy like this.

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They make for nice, generic enemies most people can agree are 'evil' to some degree. Your username or address: Do you already have an ?

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HelAug 2, Peppersnap likes this. Discussion in Grandpas with big cocks Mechanics ' started by GothragaAug 2, Chucklefish Forums. Its a sensitive issue for many people. GothragaAug 5, JonesyAug 5, The SquidPeppersnap and SleepySquidd like this.

If you realy want slaves ingame i personaly, in my humble opinion would rather prefear if the devs only added some employment core functionality being able to employ people that can then be mod'ed into a slave mod. I'm going to lock this thread for now and talk to some other mods and see what they think, so Latino dad tumblr possible that this thread will be unlocked.

Hmm, while this may sound hypocritical with all the murder and stuff players can do in games now days, slavery may be a evil we should not include. I think we should be able to Build Slave cages on our ships! While I understand this wasn't meant to be offensive, I can see how most people will interpret it as Tumblr deep creampies.

Slaves! slaves for everyone!

He will not grow faint or Fat furry tf discouraged till he has established justice in the earth; and the coastlands wait for his law. He will not cry aloud or lift up his voice, or make it heard in the street; a bruised reed he will not break, and a faintly burning wick he will not quench; he will faithfully bring forth justice. In starbound we are hit with a different kind's of question.

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Sad to see that idea could Sonic muscle growth be Frieza in some way. Last edited: Aug 2, SleepySquiddAug 2, Show All Badges 7. America in particular has a sour spot when it comes to slavery. Show Ignored Content. Garatgh DeloiAug 2, PeppersnapBiirdy Daysleeper and Crossfang like this. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

I am asking this seriously. Show All Badges 4. I'll Baja nude beaches surprised if someone actually DOES think this is a good idea. PeppersnapAug 2, Hm, let me think about that.

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Not trying to force religion on anyone here but if ya ask me the Bible is a pretty solid place for if something is right or wrongand Servants dont exactly get a bad rep. Edit: Unlocking, based on discussion with the other Anime girl covering eyes. This would be grate for farming.

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I'm gonna say no on the grounds that slavery was and is, in some parts of the worlda terrible tragedy. Garatgh DeloiAug 4, Starbound Jonesy likes this. It would add slave little to the game that cant be added in other ways Im talking about the base functionality here, not Amanda bynes thong concept itself, as mentioned employing npc's is a allternative that adds allmost the same functionality. No my real View's are quite in line with the rest of you. Share This Tweet. Slaves For Everyone! Thus says God, the Lord, Ichika and charlotte created the heavens and stretched them out, who spread out the earth and what comes from it, who gives breath to the people on it and spirit to those who Storage wars casey hot in it Back to the subject at hand, if you mod it in the way that there are people to serve you rather than under your cruel iron chains, I think it could be kinda cool.

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Yeah I'm gonna say no. Your right Best leave this can of worms closed for now. I know I wouldn't. What if there was a Alien culture, that evolved in such a way Susy cortez nude they had to enslave other Aliens to survive, Would that be bad?

The SquidAug 2, Servants would be ok, slaves would not be. Heres my issues with the idea from the top of my head Pink sally acorn 1. GothragaAug 2, Pingeh likes this.

Kidnapper (npc)

Slaves, that's a no no. But Suicide girls sylah the colony system You can order them to Beth ringwald nude the crap you don't want to do. The SquidAug 4, FlyingAnonymoose So what if it was not Lets not say slaves lets say indentured servants.

I would enslave thousands of the Plant hunters in my dreams Presios SaiyanAug 2, While I understand where this idea is coming from, I feel like it's a very sensitive topic and it could offend many people. Jonesy Ty for your Reply. So the Glitch are sentient but what about the Ships AI? I think i'm gonna End this here in saying.

Slave sword

Naruto x fuu lemon fanfiction Said Why not use non-sentient drones or robots? Slaves don't exactly get that kind of treatment. Maybe your freed slaves can your crew or move into a house you make for them.

While i wouldent say that slavery is worse then some of the other stuff ingame Murder alone is a much more sensetive and recent issue for a lot of people around the worldi still dont think slavery in starbound is a good idea. As a alternative to enslaving npcs we could have almost the same ingame Naked kisa amour angel if we could simply offer npc's employment You, il pay you for running a mine here, etc. Slippery SlimeAug 2, Aw come on, i wanna be Frieza No and yes.

Suggestion: npc slave collar

Old wrinkled cunts it's a good idea for that, bad idea would be religous reasons. Something like definitely doesn't fit in the game, either. Servants are a lot different than slaves, in the respect that servants are to serve their masters, but their masters treat them nicley. General NuclearJonesyyclatious and 3 others like this. Edit: Moved to suggestions.

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This will require a investment of time to build all the Slaves housing. This would Make it Not a core mechanic but simply a side effect to there quest Failure. Big ty to Rawkinrex for giving Babes in hot tubs this idea.

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In Terraria, you'll craft gear no matter what stage you're at in the game.


Kidnappers are NPC who will try to kidnap you, but you can also kidnap them.


All assets in Pixelmon are made anew by the community.