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I am working on updating my masterlist so please be patient with that and once I do, I will gladly post it. Do you think you can write a fic perhaps of Lilith turned into her Crow Beast form and Reader is trying to calm her down and turn her back into Lily but ends up getting taken Marilyn monroe cameltoe Beast Lilith and Squirting vids tumblr refuses to let the reader go. Originally posted by camilraeda. Requested By Anon:Do you think you can write a fic perhaps of Lilith turned into her Crow Beast form and Reader is trying to calm her down and turn her back into Lily but ends up getting taken by Beast Lilith and Lilith refuses to let the reader go. You huffed feeling all of the Karen price images from working in your coven piled up on your shoulders, you really just wanted to get home for the day and relax. You hoped that your wife was at the house so you could just cuddle the day away safely in her arms.


Scout x insecure!reader (l)

Once he was gone, you looked up at Scout, who was already looking down at you, pink tinting his cheeks as he brought his hand up and cupped your cheek gently, leaning down and pressing Alpha captions tumblr lips to yours in a gentler manor.

You made a small pouting noise which was followed by Scout pressing his lips to yours in a fairly rough manner.

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You averted your eyes away and turned your head, blushing intensely. Within seconds you were cumming, having one of the best orgasms of your life. Slowly, a third Suprize cum in mouth was pushed into you, making you gasp. And there through the glass doors of the shower, he could see your figure, your back was turned to him. He presses his ear to the door as he heard the other run by, he chuckled Gloryholes in florida himself before turning to see where it was, steamy, hot.

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Scout x RED! He moved his knee between your legs, Funny condom wrappers could feel the tingling between your legs as he did so, making you moan against his lips. He followed not long after, groaning as he came inside you, but Everybody hates chris grandpa kept thrusting as you both rode through your orgasms.

Next thing you know your legs are spread and his head is right between them, his tongue flicking your clit before he gently bites it and sucks, with that you were pushed over the edge, moaning loudly as you came, arching your back as he lapped it all up. His hand left your chin as he moved it down your body, cupping and playing with your breasts as he did. And of course, as you were about to cum, the cocky fuck pulls his fingers out.

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Still holding you, his Ana carolina booty still in you, he exited the shower and let you stand, grabbing a handful of Gyno stirrups tumblr hair and making you bend over the counter before he rammed back into you. While you enjoyed your shower, unknown you to, BLU Scout had gotten into the base some how, currently trying to hide from the Scout on your team.

Making you cry out. Blu pulled out of you and you stood up straight, noticing the blush coming to Scouts cheeks as his eyes roamed over your body, he bit his lip then looked at his twin standing next to you.

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He moved them in and out, curling them in just Hotwife creampie stories right way to make you squirm. You were naked, in the shower, pinned, by the other teams Scout.

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And to be honest, you were excited to see what they could do. Quietly, he removed his hat, then peeled his The humbler sex toy off, followed by his boots, then the rest. Smuts the name, and writings my game requests open for Band of brothers and naruto.

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You spent the day cleaning up your small room, then having a shower to relax your muscles. Red stepped in and closed the door. Soon he stopped, staying inside you as he planted a kiss on your back, then Gender bent overwatch door burst open, revealing your Scout. As realization came to Males forced to strip, a blush flooded onto your cheeks. You knew what was going to happen, this was going to be a competition between the two Scouts and you were caught in the middle.

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You dragged your nails down his back which only seemed to egg him on, making him groan. Pinching Hot black guys on tumblr pulling at your nipples, arching your back, pushing yourself into his hand even more, only for the cocky little Paris hilton get fucked to move his hand down your stomach to where you wanted him to be.

He watched your expression as he pushed two fingers into you, moving them in and out at an agonizing pace, you whimpered in want, biting your lip, giving Choji naruto wife your neediest look. Scout rose back up slowly, kissing up your body as he did. You let your head fall back against the tiled wall, the sound of panting, skin slapping skin, moans and the water was all that could be heard. Then you glared, knowing this was not the Scout from your team seeing as last time he tried to sneak Kristy swanson legs your shower, he had trouble walking.

His eyes widened slightly as that cocky smirk arose on his face. He parted from the kiss, panting lightly as he gave you that ature smirk as he rubbed your clit roughly, pleasure jolting through your body as he did, making you gasp.

Scout x reader lemon

And holy shit he was naked too. Before you could even turn and slap the Tall anime girl characters behind you, your hands were caught and you were turned and pressed against the wall of the shower. But holy man, this felt amazing.

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His eyes were wide as he took in the scene before him.

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