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Why didn't the female trainer (hilda or rosa) didn't ash in the bw saga?

And why do I feel like the artist is trying to sexualize a kid? No, I deleted the comment myself.

sweet asian Angela

Not sure what was wrong with his original Girl taking huge dump but my memory probably betrayed me. I like the very thin outline you used: I don't see that a lot on this Sub. And sorry about my last comment, for those who read it!

damsel bitch Alejandra

I'll just stop with the whole age thing, since people disagree with me on it, and to be Javier fernandez shirtless, I do understand their point of view, and don't strictly disagree.

So uh, how old is this character? Perhaps it's because we're looking too far into something that is simply someone's drawing that they posted for everyone not just us to see.

The art is pretty good too. I agree. Cuz you are a weirdo projecting your degeneracies onto other people thinking they think the same, hint: we do not. Edit: this is stupid; don't read Household items for prostate. Yeah okay, so a question of concern makes me the neckbeard here?

Pokemon rosa

That's incredibly attractive! How about changing the character, is Black Rock Shooter the same character as hatsune miku?

damsel asian Hannah

Ah yes, this is sexy as fk. He is explaining about how he like Adult Rosa in this picture, as an fan of Pokemon and got deleted because of Reddittors suspends for no reason. I think the problem Nina turner boobs that because how manga-styled women are already drawn to look younger, this one doesnt necessarily look THAT much older then her canon appearance.

sexy babes Jenna

How about gender swapped characters. Nice artwork! And, being reasonable and assuming the artist abides by an important societal construct, they probably aren't sexualising .

passion girlfriend Denise

And also, to no discredit of anime, manga or any associated styles, they usually have more lax rules regarding Baca komik dewasa 21 and sexualisation than Western styles usually do, which is cultural, and so I understand it perfectly. Thank you for explaining I remember reading his comment and thinking : So he likes it as long as this Rosa was an adult and not drawn with these proportions and was like : There's nothing wrong hereso why is he downvoted?

If art good then me like, age Anime femdom tumblr portrayed characters irrelevant. I came around to your point of view yesterday, before I read this comment, but now I understand that you're definitely right.

eye-candy babes Kataleya

OK, yup. You've completely got me with this one! I didn't want to ruin people's enjoyment of the picture. The art is great, but I made the Mistress tangent instagram point, and people downvoted it to show their disagreement.

Thank you for reading this. If you change how a character looks from its intended image, do you rly treat that character as same age?

sluts sister Eden

You like gardening? All I'm saying is that the character doesnt look that much older from her original appearance, and shes like 10 or something.

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The gaming world took a liking to it.


While replaying Omega Ruby, I found out that the protagonists are 12 years old according to the news anchor on BuzzNav.