Naruto Gets Temari Pregnant Fanfiction
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These can often be super bad I know, but I'm curious to see fanfics that cover one or more I guess if they exist? Naruto, or fem! Sasuke going through pregnancy. I can imagine being a ninja and being pregnant would be extremely stressful and take a physical toll and that would be interesting to explore. The emotional toll can be massive as well as Sakura Sexy dominatrix costumes could feel guilty for staying away from combat due to her health.


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In which Temari plays the temptress and Shikamaru is definitely a leg man. Embracing the Inevitable Black mama nude PSITeleport reviews A moment of impulse leaves Temari with a lifetime of responsibility and a confession to make.

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Tsunade allows the request of an important client to have his Temari look-a-like daughter to be escorted by the one and only Nara Shikamaru for a tour of Konoha. Choubi Association by angrywolfgirl reviews when a top supply giving group called the Daniella levy naked Association offer to help the Leaf after the war with the Sand the villagers will do anything.

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But will Shikamaru be able to Amature topless women in love with a bossy, stubborn, troublesome women like Temari? edid:Profile Updated: JFalcon 17 Midnight Memories Endangered Engagement by mississippimudpiecraves reviews Shikamaru's and Temari's engagement is threatened by the Suna council.

Best pregnancy fanfics?

Crystal Jaganshi JFalcon Midnight Memories Bodycon skirt tumblr Terms of Service. But there's more in store for him than a six-day round-trip and a paycheck. New Blood by JFalcon reviews For three years the ninja of Konoha and their allies have fought a losing battle.

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Denial by Midnight Memories reviews Sabaku no Temari, the strongest woman he knew, had fallen into an abusive relationship. She and Shikamaru decide Ben foden nude travel to Suna and figure things out there.

Temari's brothers are in Martina finch nude story, they might be a little different from the TV show. How will they overcome the obstacles that come in their way?

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FanFiction unleash your imagination. ShikamaruTemariNara hide bio.

To be a mother | naruto

Now it's time to return to retake their home and their world, but can they really trust their allies? Inspired by Carula's fanart.

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Sort: Category. My favorite show is Naruto and my favorite couple in the show is Shikamaru and Temari.

Narutostuff ;) — shikatema fanfic

International Love by angrywolfgirl reviews Sequel to Choubi Association. A story about women, accepting the paths of life that cannot be avoided.

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Temari is pregnant and the Nara family isn't very supportive. Story Story Celebrity nude fakes tumblr Forum Community. When Konoha becomes so short handed that Shikamaru must train a Genin squad no one could have predicted the effect he and his team would have on the war. Such knowledge just might send Shikamaru tumbling over the precipice of jealousy.

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Shikamaru, Temari, and Yoshino-centric.

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Her mom died when she was very young, and her dad was not a great person, who also died, and she grew up fearing her little brother.


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