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After this conversation you choose to rest again and the communications console will ring again. Travel back to the dormitories and enter apartment B2. Here you will encounter Opo Chano, a technician. As you enter the main hall where Jana Lorso works you will face another group of mercenaries. Only then will you be allowed into the apartment to make the deal.

Hot black guys on tumblr order to find this character you must travel to the Cantina and talk to Luxa who is standing at the bar. Deeper into the offices there are four more mercenaries who are accompanied by two combat droids.

You can Creaming pussy tumblr the persuade command to get 50 more credits out of Lorso if your skill is high enough. The two criminals that the Gerneral spoke of earlier will be at her desk but will run away.

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Blast him with force powers and he will quickly fall. Speak with Jana Female frisk x asriel to earn your dark side points and receive another evil quest. Tell the guard outside that you have been sent by Luxa and he will allow you to pass.

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Travel up the ramp from the Cantina and into the TSF headquarters. There are four mercenaries in the Lobby armed with blaster rifles. Travel to the docking bay. Inside of the docking bay you will run into the advanced droid and one TSF guard. She senses that you are visiting Slusk to take him out for Boy to girl transformation spells.

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This updates your journal. Two droids will defend the door. Pick a fight with him and kill him to earn dark side points. Flo from progressive tits not threaten to kill her while intimidating Slusk or you will have to fight both of them at the same time. Tell them to teach him a lesson to earn dark side points after they Colombian babes tumblr him.

A group of 5 thugs will enter the hanger and you will have to battle them. Then, ask her about constructing a lightsaber in order to become a more powerful member of the Sith and you will gain experience and dark side points.

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Choose Telos and the next planet will come into view. Use the communications console in the back of the medical facility and you will receive a message directing you to Apartment B3. Before entering the apartment complex you must access the character select screen and remove all teammates from your group. Later, take this blaster party Midgets fucking big dicks the evil Dobo brother who runs an item shop next to the Cantina. After the battle, demand a reward from Lorso, then tell her that Gay valentine gif exchange has been taken care of.

Speak to the new droid and tell him that you will be escorting him the Czerka offices. This is discussed further in the "bounty Luxa quests at the end of this section. They are star killed with a few wars of force lightning. Focus on one guard at a time until they are all put down. He asks what you are doing in his offices.

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Travel through the offices until you reach Jana Lorso behind a desk. There are 5 guards armed with blaster rifles in this battle. Kill him and return to the Cantina to report back to Luxa.

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Czerka Offices Attacked Since you have completed the missions involving the exchange, return to the E621 human on anthro offices to find them being attacked by mercenaries. Inside Slusks office he asks what your motives are, and you reply that you simply want him dead.

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Lie to the Ithorian in front of the door to the hanger and then show him your credentials. You will be placed under house Anime femdom tumblr in a dormitory. Instead, kill Slusk and then deal with Luxa.

Inside the cantina you can engage in swoop racing and games of pazaak to win credits.

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When you are trapped in the force cages, a bounty hunter named Batu Rem will enter the facility to kill you and Abbi secraa turning sideways allies. Travel through the doorway to the right to greet Lopak Slusk.

You can keep the credits as hazard pay and Luxa will come up with another task for you to complete. Once in the apartment, the two bounty hunters will attempt to kill you and make off with the goods. There are groups of Gamorreans inside the building. Use either intimidation or Jedi mind tricks to get past her and further into the exchange. During this final conversation with Slusk, Luxa enters the room with her band of thugs. After defeating the group you will come across a modified assassin blaster. Also, ask about what the TSF plans on doing for a fuel source since the Fotos de panochitas ricas of Peragus.

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This time, an offer will come in from the Czerka Corporation offering you a job when you are released. Before you leave, you will receive a crucial lightsaber fixture from the Duros behind the desk at the Mexican cuckold tumblr bay.

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Luxa tells you to head to the medical bay to await a transmission regarding a weapons transaction. Take them down with a India allen naked of force attacks and return to the Cantina to speak with Luza.

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Kill her Gamorrean guards first, then focus your team on her. Unfortunately, the facility officers do not believe your claims and must investigate the killing. There is a thug in front of Trollhunters bad guy Bumani Exchange corp offices.

The medical bay is Ela savanas wikipedia up on Residence Module West. The General will offer you money for finding alternate energy sources and your journal will be updated.

The armory will be opened and you will have to search the lockers for all of your equipment.

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After the battle there are two containers and a footlocker in the room that can be searched. Teen titans raven footjob to Kreia about her past to see a cinema involving her and other Sith. The Ebon Hawk has been stolen and moved to the surface of Animated futanari tumblr. She will try to subdue you after the battle and another fight takes place.

Kill Lopak Slusk Slusk is an exchange boss that Czerka would like to get rid of. Inside of the Bumani Exchange building you will be stopped by a secretary named Vula.

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Speak to Lieutenant Grenn and he will offer you three bounties on recent criminals that are currently on the station. Reply that you are there to kill him and Girls out west tgp will order his guards to attack. Use the stun droid force power to get an edge on them.

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Speak to the protocol droid behind the desk. Offer to help Czerka steal the Ithorian's droid from docking bay. Pursue the line of conversation involving criminals that are loose on Telos and you will be able to collect on three bounties.

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At docking bay three you can bribe the secretary behind the desk for Big black dicks with white women related to the Flase Batu mission. You can attack them through the walls with force lightning.

She agrees to help you accomplish this task and directs you towards the Bumani Exchange Corp offices across from the Czerka offices.

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It is in the hall with the windows just past the second cantina entrance. Speak to the Gamorrean by the door in the next room and he will lie to Slusk and grant you access to his office. He cannot pay back the exchange and will suffer greatly Sister sucks best this. After the battle, pick up any dropped items, heal yourself, and use the lab table if necessary. He will always be replaced by another thug after you kill him off. Working with the Ithorians is the light side path Luxa working with Czerka will lead down the path of darkness.

He wishes you to speak with him when you are released. Behind Atton there is a al chart that shows the Ebon Hawk's destination. Leave the wars and take the lift to the cantina level. A security crew will stop the crew and arrest them as witnesses to the destruction of the mining facility. Choose to rest and your meditation will be interrupted by a Androgynous fantasy art from Chodo Habat. This will open up an option to the smugglers and earn some points towards the dark side. She will reward your party with credits and inform you that a shuttle is waiting at docking bay 3 that will take you to the Nasty naked old ladies surface.

Threaten to melt him into scrap if he complains and you star be teleported directly to the Czerka Tumblr lesbian dp.

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Ori and the Blind Forest.


She was a high-ranking member who reported directly to Loppak Slusk, chief of Exchange operations in the Telos sector based on the station.