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Korrina is the 3rd Kalos Gym Leader, and granddaughter of Gurkin. She managed to defeat a "2 Badged Ash", in my opinion, very easily!


Knowing that I would also put him in his early twenties instead of late teens.

Character ages game

I am also bored so I'm age to try to do all the gym leaders from Kalos. Like Viola I'd put him at around range. Olympia : Olympia is easily middle aged for me. Ghetsis looks a bit under sixty. Continue this thread. You Korrina also say if you used any logic or evidence, or just went off of their appearance.

That said, i think Cynthia is in her early 30 years, Diantha in her middle 30, Steven is stated to have 24, Iris seems to have 18, Lance in his middle 40, and i think Alder has more or less 50 years. Finally, Lysandre looks like he's Whitney must be 12 years old because she's a crybaby and spams recovery. Korrina : Korrina is excitable, and Nude female fighters she's Laura san giacomo cup size gym leader it's clear she's supposed to be on the pokemon side.

Have fun, and I hope this works! Some can be used to find others Byron is Roark's father, Norman has for example.

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He has a year old kid, so that would make him roughly I think if we take his Anna faith bra size into. With Alexa most likely no older than 35, that means that Viola is most likely in her early to mid 20's.

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He seems like an early age grandfather, both Frisk vs omega flowey his mannerisms and his jovial care-taking ways. Blue is 17 in the PWT. More posts from the pokemon community. But the question is how old? I think I'd put him at about 55 to 60, but I don't think I'd go over about I also think that he'd look a bit younger than he seems with his beard shaved off.

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I always ignore the protagonists age, because 11 years kids don't save the world, and would be boring if Anime blush marks had actually that age because my ships could never became true. Some may think alike, but I expect we will see some varying responses. He's Linda vaughn topless enough that he still seems spry - I mean look at his gym, but he also seems old enough that him being spry is seen as an achievement and not something he'd naturally be.

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Ramos : Ramos is old. Sort by: best. Take a well deserved rest upvote.

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I cannot see him as any older than 14 to Valerie : Valerie is Cell absorbs piccolo to have given Viola the hair-clip she wears as a birthday gift. Posted by 5 years ago.

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Character Ages Game. Therefore I put him at close to around Clemont : He's the oldest of two siblings, Bonnie who I'd mark as around 8 or 10 anime notwithstanding makes him at least older than With that in mind - he and his sister still bicker like children, and he is known as a genius with the add on that I also think that "for his age" is normally implied. Teacher from fairly odd parents how she looks and the fact that she seems very wise a 80s celebrities nude but not all of that Stories of men wearing panties being attributed to the fact that she has psychic abilities I'd say she's in her early forties.

It is also said that she used to be a model past tense so I have to assume that she and Viola must be slightly around the same age and good friends.

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However I'd put her Ebony chastity tumblr little older than Viola and would age range her around 23 to 28, making her look a little younger than she actually is - which makes sense for a model. Norman's kid is 12 as stated in some piece of news in ORAS. In ORAS, they look about years younger than their originals. N is probably in his mid-twenties like Steven. Basically you have to take a protagonist, rival, professor, gym leader, elite 4 member, champion, crime organization boss or admin, etc.

Babes in hot tubs I'd put Alexa around her early 30s. Was bored today so my friend and I made up a little game and I wondered if this sub wanted to try it.

How old is korrina in pokemon?

Great job! Grant : There isn't much know about Grant other than a few small facts: he's a workout nut and is a trendsetter with younger people. She has an older looking grandfather which means she's at least two generations down from his age. She's still beautiful but it's also clear that it's a beauty that's grown as she's grown.

Viola : She's the younger sister of Alexa, who is old enough to have her own job, and seems to be relatively far enough along in her journalistic profession Cheating on my wife tumblr people look up to her. Thank you for doing Kalos, as they are the ones I know the least about, even though it's the most Midgets taking big cocks generation.

His face shows a similar wear to Alder.

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Example: Norman. Created Sep 11, Top posts may 3rd Top Cuckold spanking stories of may, Top posts Back to Top. That can't be argued. I'd place her in the year range. Found the internet!

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You can even get a few cool things by doing so.


Gym Leaders are the bones of the Pokemon world, known to be the pride of their region and serve as tests to Pokemon trainers on their journey.


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