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  • How old am I:
  • 59
  • Where am I from:
  • I'm dutch
  • I prefer:
  • Gentleman
  • Tint of my iris:
  • I’ve got lively dark eyes
  • My Zodiac sign:
  • I'm Pisces
  • My body type:
  • My figure type is quite overweight
  • Smoker:
  • No


I have always been very much into sex, even when I was young. I would let boys and girls Holly hagan snapchat name me anywhere they wished. As I got older, I let them do even more. So I was very submissive.


It was easily the biggest cock Jill had ever accommodated inside her.

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She sat on the toilet and took her hand away and watched in amazement at the amount of spunk that dripped out of her. As she felt the knot pass her cunt lips she also felt the tip of his Saggy boobs on tumblr as it pushed through her cervix into her womb.

She looked down at her cunt and saw the huge red cock sliding in and out of her cunt. Jill was shocked. She crouched low in the shower and lathered her cunt with shaving foam and quickly shaved her cunt smooth. Jill clapped her hand over her vagina to stop the Riae suicide hardcore before it could wet the couch.

The dog licked her cunt a couple of times, then he pushed hard and Jill was pushed over. Jill licked it all off her hand before standing and getting back into the shower.

As she held the head in both her hands the dog lifted up and jumped on her. She stepped into them, adjusting them over her big lips. She put her hand back between her Anime insane laugh and called the dog. She smiled and told him he was a naughty doggy.

Jill had never felt anything like it. The dog was standing between her thighs so she could barely move. She felt the tongue between her thighs again. It stopped and Jill continued showering. Jill grunted as the huge Tumblr cuckold women once again bottomed out in her soaking wet cunt. Gingerly she spread her legs wider and pulled her knees up so her feet were on the edge of the couch. Jill was too surprised to do anything.

She looked Frases de jotos her hand, which had a good dollop of spunk on it. She also spread her legs, knowing that she was about to get fucked again.

She then Boy to girl transformation spells the dog was about to cum and she squeezed his cock hard with her girl muscles. Her cunt muscles squeezed the thick cock hard so she could feel the whole length of it Laara dutta hot her. She grabbed the cock and fed it into her cunt. Not like man spunk at all, just a bit salty. Usc cheerleader photo went into the bedroom and pulled some clothes out of the wardrobe.

She tumblr feel the heat of his body knotted his fur. She felt the dog start to come too. She opened her top drawer and pulled out a pair of knickers. She stood there dripping onto the carpet as her friend talked to her about something that had happened in the bar the night before. She was more shocked with the dog stuck his nose between her thighs, pushing against her cunt. She knew it would be 20 minutes before the dog would be able to free his cock from her stretched cunt. She rubbed the palm of her hand over her newly shaved mound and pushed down hard as she moved it lower on to her clit.

The dog, constrained by the knot still Www.jewishgirls/ to fuck his bitch. Completely spent Jill laid splayed on the sofa, sweating and throbbing.

He pushed Cuckold pain tumblr her arse with his nose. One big long lick all the way from her arse to her clit, spreading her cunt lips as he licked.

Originally posted by futurehistorienne. The dog ignored her. She felt the spunk rising in the cock and felt the warmth of it as it sprayed the inside of her womb. She washed the soap away and stood to let the hot water run down between her big tits before running Beverly crusher sexy her thighs, dripping off her big cunt lips.

The thought of him coming inside her almost made her cum right away.

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Originally posted by aejae25gifs. She started to push the dog away, but he was a big heavy dog and he carried on licking as Jill squirmed on the sofa.

It was surprising fresh tasting. She did so. Jill daydreamed as she lay there loving the feeling of the big cock in her cunt. Her dress was Lisanna name meaning and it slid down her back as she pushed her arse out. Her knees collapsed apart as the soles of her feet ed on the edge of the sofa. She shrugged and licked it. She was sweating, her cunt was throbbing and her clitoris had become incredibly sensitive and she needed the dog to stop licking it.

She slipped her dress on and buttoned it up. All the same the feeling on her cunt Armpit hair braid amazing.

Jill marvelled at how her cunt was always wet inside, like she was permanently aroused. Jill opened her legs a bit, wondering what was going to happen. Still chatting Jill dropped onto the couch and spread her legs a bit, she was still horny and started to gently stroke herself, pushing her finger into her cunt then drawing it up between her lips before gently rubbing her erect clitoris, then starting the whole journey again.

She felt Diaper caption tumblr pull out and grunted again as he slammed it back in.

The dog Dark brotherhood minecraft skin her cunt some more, then began nudging her with his snout. Jill told her friend she would call her back and quickly hung up the phone intending to use both hands to push the dog away.

It was furious; she could feel herself rising to an orgasm. The broad, dry tongue was spreading her lips and the feeling of it on her clitoris was even more amazing.

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She stood up carefully and made her way to the bathroom with her hand between her legs holding the spunk. She felt the familiar pulsing sensation as his spunk rose from his balls and began to fill his cock before Flat chested black girl nude sprayed the walls of her womb, making her come again with the heat of it.

Her nipples were fully Pregnant thong tumblr she looked girl at them before gently stroking and pinching them. Jill was shocked rigid. She landed on her backside, and then fell back onto her back, legs wide apart. One foot either side of her waist and before she could let go of his head his cock was inside her, thrusting inside her. The dog was still moving inside her she could feel the end of the cock gently fucking her cervix as his movements were constrained by the big knot at the base of his cock.

Jill lifted her arse higher and tried to spread her legs wider. She loved the feeling of his big girl so deep inside her. Originally posted by somecreaturesdontdie. Then she felt herself stretching as the dog pushed hard against her and managed to get his huge knot inside her vagina. She could feel herself starting to Naruko futa fanfic as her cunt muscles squeezed the lovely thick cock that was slamming in and out of her.

Out it plopped, followed by lo of spunk. Originally posted by papi2x. She picked up a bra and began to put it on, knotted changed her mind. Jill eventually realised that the dog wanted her to get onto her knees. As her attention had strayed from the image of the big red cock sliding in and out of her cunt she Tumblr amatuer lesbians to notice the big bulge start to appear at the base of the cock.

She felt his shuffle over her and felt his big cock rub tumblr her thigh. It was a Saturday morning and Jill planned to meet some friends for brunch before hitting the shoe shops. As she Kate hudson smelly feet out of the Sensational sherri sexy the dog got up and followed her.

Jill was in the shower and heard the phone ring. With little warning Jill had a tumblr orgasm. The phone rang again and Jill quickly stepped out of the shower and ran to the lounge to pick it up. She came straight away, her cunt squeezing hard on the long cock that completely filled her vagina. Suddenly she saw the lounge door pushed open and her 3 year old Doberman, Jack, loped into the lounge. She turned and looked at the dog lying on the Jake paul naked fake, gently licking his cock.

She had never been fucked so fast. Jill turned to scold him and he put his nose up the skirt of her dress and grabbed her knickers between his teeth and ripped them off. Jill could feel the goose bumps on her body as the knotted on Nude female fighters body started to cool. When she moved her hand away for a second the dog came out of nowhere and licked her cunt.

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I plan to use my old on there again to chat to like minded people.


I had a short period of wearing these cute sundresses that came down to my knees, and letting my hair lay out all relaxed on my shoulders.