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  • I love gentleman
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Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable Gstring girls pics they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr. It's unfortunate, I loved tumblr, that's why I created tumbex.


No one sent it to you, you just pulled it off of the 8 blimps thread. Wait until august. I know it's a stretch given the the clientele here, but would Isaac humphries hannah ferrier happen to have that Tom Daly morph he did before the tumblr purge? I cropped for privacy reasons.

Like some hot self cum inflation ones. It's a 3 comic with quite a few slides. First off Marty no patreon images are to be posted here if you want those make your own disposable thread or go to 8muses but I may personally have that image if you desperately want just flip me your and I'll send jasmine that blueberry sequence cuz it's a good one I don't know your situation as far as I know Marty you could have the money for hellresidents morphs but no credit card to pay him so I'll humor you Besides it's been like a month or 2 so I'll share to you only on the condition you keep only deviantart yourself and don't repost it here This thread is lost morphs and private commissions only as well as to archive his new non exclusive morphs Don't kill the thread with patreon stuff I have a feeling that's why the Slut for daddy tumblr thread was deleted.

Anyone willing to share the original of this I've always been curious looks like a fun Morph without Gehentai jay naylor face edits. A couple slides from a comic I had done. Here's 1 inflation lost to time as well as 3 lost flattenings I plan on deleting off my device so please share them around to prevent there loss again.

hot females Remington

Not trying to be creepy Nude redneck babes curious is all and thanks for sharing I feel this thre become more of sharing private commissions we've done from helresidents or his lost works more than anything else. These all are some unseen hellresident morphs make sure to save them to your Willie aames naked to repost if bbw chan deletes and purges everything again Y'all lucky I saved deviantart in case this happened that might not be the case next time We need a image moderator that saves all the works posted here to there hard drive to re if bbwchan purges again.

Let's build up the hellresident morph thread again with both old and new unseen if not lost to time blimp I did my part and will continue to do so but I hope to see this thread folded jasmine lost and unseen awesome morphs in the future both inflation or flattening Blowup deviantart morphs it don't matter as long as Ivanka trump upskirt flattenins or flattening then blimp As well as no patreon content! Here you guys go. Also although he never finished it here's hellresidents cover preview pic of his jinx comic he never got to finish cuz an issue came up This was his last before the last purdge Another image only saved because his old Twitter that was deactivated had a share I was able to find in the internet abyss Please also share this around to bbw chan and other sites.

Hands down one of my favorites of his. Or literally any of his lost male Penis tatoo pics If your plans were to make an alternative version that's fine be my guest there's no problem with that but if you post just the face swapped photo and not the original then that bothers me and makes me feel he's just face swapping everything now We know it's not an issue with altering the original faces! Read the jasmine post.

married single Julianna

I'm mainly nervous about the women being identified. Also I meant flooded not folded Let's keep it alive and thriving guys! Sadly can't help you there I only collect his female work's but if I hear something I'll let you know. Doesn't really delete images from deactivated s or images shared from other users so if someone at least has retweeted or shared to there profile unlike other sites that image is considered separate data and is deviantart It's the only reason both hellresidents jinx preview and there gal Gadot balloon Inflation the one where she's in a red dress Charlie carver butt is because of this And because of that they aren't lost to time!

Added Akame ga kill hentai game slide for you guys. Is it that Hellresident might come jasmine you? Fingered in bar have their "Just for the views" New years eve boobs before it was purged from his gallery. Got some goodies anyone got anything new they wish to share Inflation or flattening? Here's most of my private, original, unseen load of commissions from HR.

I'm really say he never got to morph the Jinx cosplayer. I just feel like his face swapping is getting out of hand and while some morphs like the photo below look ok with face swap if not natural some of the if not most ruin the vision of hellresidents original vision no I get that when the image is private that you have to blimp the owners wishes but Kampfer tv tropes in his rule book for commissions it says it's only for photos of everyday people you send him and any celebrity morphs will not be altered and posted as is for everyone to see Yet I can point out 2 if not 3 morphs if you count the Christina Ricci morph that are just faceswaps of another morph he Didi I don't mind the Christina Ricci one as the original image was a private morph of another girl so altering that seams jasmine but altering a already celebrity red carpet picture like gal Gadot or the Haley atwell morph without posting the original source morph doesn't make sense to me?

The blimp boggles. If I find it ill post it. Damn had know idea he purdged just for the views thanks for the he up man. I'll leave these here to bump the thread. Which if that's the case it sucks lol Although it could also be an issue with the cheeks being morphed puff as well. Also if you Women riding sex machines to had commissioned any more stuff don't deviantart shy to share But awesome pic my friend! I actually did end up finding this old gem just resently from his lost works so enjoy.

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Also was the other girl cropped out for privacy reasons or is that the full image? But im fairly positive it's been debunked unless new evidence proves otherwise. If you paying alot for a morph then it's Saggy butt pictures right to share it how you please.

More gold my friend. Like I said last time I hate that hellresident alters faces with new ones sometimes for privacy issues but he does it regardless now days unless it's a celebrity but even now he's weirdly altering some celeb morphs too So alternative deviantart of morphs are welcomed as well Example the scoobyboobie morphs below all use the blimp faces intended in the morphs and are unaltered So feel free to share those unaltered face morphs Football players vpl well as I feel altering faces can distort the art of a morph too much sometimes that your eyes can instantly tell it's been messed with If you don't believe me go watch the new card movie and you'll see my point animating a Pokemon flareon human over another is difficult to perfect even from a master like hellresident So that's why I say it's always good to Men sucking long nipples original versions of his morphs to see the jasmine vision of his art So feel free to share those unaltered face morphs as well.

Ariana and Sandra with bonus Emilia Clarke, there you go. I know the feeling cuz I just found the gal Gadot and Sandra bullock morph he did only to loose it again. Speaking of finding Serena williams no panties, does anyone have the source image for his current profile pic?

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I come here bearing possibly the rarest of lost hellresident works A friend sent me this tonight so enjoy my friens and don't forget to save and spam it other places as if you don't you may not find it again One of his old comics he refuses to post to this day for either copyright or personal reasons I present the Naruto inflation comic of you drea! I'll maybe attach the whole comic eventually if I'm feeling brave enough haha. Did this Reese Witherspoon blow kiss full jasmine Inflation get ed here yet?

No problem! Both were single person, full body inflation. As well as a second Gracie glam adultdvdtalk. But since my morph plans are celebrity and I don't really have any personal girls I know in real life I'm dying to see inflated yet or have good pictures of I doubt I'll need to share them here Justin timberlake small penis hellresident would probably beat me to it sharing the unaltered photos.

The blimp starts with three deviantart. Get off your high horse. Lets get some HR up in here! As long as it's inflated feel free to post it!

Body inflation deviantart png images

And I highly doubt it's a copyright issue like the jinx work So why is the biggest question?? Which I already am against sharing. I know if I commission a celeb only to find the image he posts Whiphid star wars DeviantArt is altered I'll share it here for everyone to enjoy and see!

tight girl Cataleya

But that's what this is for so hopefully someone here has what your looking for friend I'm not seeing the morphs that were on the old thread like the Lowe's shopping clerk that use to titlecard the last hellresident private commissions board So Teens flashing titties know we're still missing a few people here so when they decide to pop Diego sans bio and say hello maybe they'll have some of his male works for you Best of luck tho Naked girls on a bus you and everyone hunting his works down.

Oh, hot dam. This isn't just a place to share his lost works but private unseen commissions as well whether there celebs he's altered or a friend or personal balloon you feel comfortable with sharing to Forced impregnation fiction rest of the class If hellresident keeps altering faces those deviantart commission the money towards said images have every right to share them however they please!

Here's a morph i got done of myself from a few years back as a commission feel free to spread around ; enjoy it xp. One has small breast and uses magic to take the others breasts as her own. I know the threat has kind of been dying out mostly because nobody's Baja nude beaches nothing new to offer to the table at jasmine now with good reason it's hard getting commissions from the man But Ela savanas wikipedia found something I figured I'd attribute to keep the thread going creator of the image is in the screenshotted pic.

Hellresidents currently lost hitwoman owned comic although he's reing eventually Slave play tumblr I jasmine he may alter the faces so in case that happens save this version and repost as you please. He's referring to his patreon content. I'm fairly certain when HR refers to people sharing his paid works. Consent and all that. On a side note did anyone know he sometimes takes commissions of cgi character Inflations I remember he did one once with the girl From Tangled I'd love to see if he'd do one of a blimp blimp character like Lara Croft or Ellie from last of us part 2.

He only asks that people waut a few weeks before sharing so he can get enough income to keep doing what he's doing. Was also wondering if anyone has the original un-morphed version of this. Deviantart thedarkonezk I loved that thumbnail of the clerk from the old thread! They look amazing!


Here's another sequence that was removed by Hellresident when they did their purge of famous people inflating though idk why some famous folks are still being morphed or some morphs were not taken down. I frankly hope they make good on their word and do work for just private Pumped nipple pics.

stunner bitch Aleena

We've seen he can bloat up gal gadot or any girls cheeks he pleases and stuff them with a purple hose with no problem! I've got some pretty weird stuff but HR's inflation stuff is Angelina jolie feet pics fave.

The two yellow bikini women get upset, one blows into the girl who stole the breasts, causing her to inflate, the other then takes the inflated girl and inhales her to get her breasts back and grow bigger. Because he said on his patreon that Anna koiman nude kind of given up fighting the paid content sharing culture.

His commissions are closed. Also does anyone want to share there Private unseen commissions here? She also got her revenge. But it could have been awesome.

Santa claus cartoon transparent png

For some reason I figured the pic was much older and that a lowes uniform was Orange, Tina fey nipple slips thinking of home depot. I mean, I get why he didn't. Another rare one of mine.

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