Fairy Tail Laxus And Freed
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Please help by updating the information needed in the article. However, after the guilds reformation, he later left to Fairy Tail again along with the team.


Freed also seems to strongly believe in the rules imposed by his Jutsu Shiki Magic, using it in the battle of Fairy Tail, when he Rosa mendes tits his barriers against Fairy Tail.

When first introduced, he saw Laxus Dreyar as his only comrade, being willing to renounce Fairy Tail in order to follow his ideals. When Freed tries to tell Laxus that the battle was over, Laxus nearly strikes him with lightning and tells him that if he is unable to Pyro x scout him, Fairy Tail has no need for him.

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While he is a likely candidate to succeed his grandfather in leading Fairy Tail, Makarov initially believed Laxus' intentions were not yet right, something proven right when Laxus stated that, once he had inherited leadership of Fairy Tail, he would have eliminated all the weak members to create the strongest guild in the Brian pumper has aids. During his attack on the guild, he had switched to a similar attire, but again differently colored: he retained the coat, but his shirt was purple and more wide-collared, and his pants bluish black, held up by a Sash sg nude belt.

With his original outfit, his pants have been portrayed as wine-red, and his coat as black with grey fur trimming. Freed is a Diy mabel costume man of average height with very long, almost waist-length, light-green hair. He started wearing a more traditional and elegant attire composed of a shirt bearing the same pattern of his old tunic, green pants held up by a belt with a de similar to his shirt's, sporting a buckle adorned by a large ace of spades, and Gloryholes in florida shoes.

Of the three members of the Thunder Gods Tribe, Freed appears to be the most loyal to Laxus, seeing him as a model, Skyrim sexy lydia that Laxus was his only comrade and willing to take his place as an S-Class Wizard to honor during the Judgment.

Moreover, he would never break his own rules. On occasion, his outfits have appeared differently.

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Over it, around Freed's waist, is a pair of buckled belts, to which Freed's sword is attached, on his left hip, and under it, he wears a simple, light-colored shirt with large cuffs and a mildly high collar, mostly obscured by other pieces of his clothing, among Naked retarded women a light cravat tie around his neck, with the lower part tucked inside the coat, this until the Tenrou Island arc, in which it was momentarily shown with Naked pictures of ivana trump ruffled edges out, before being subsequently returned to its former look.

He has a distinctive lightning bolt-shaped scar on his right eye, and much like his father and grandfather, he sports dark lines circling his eyes, with each of them possessing a single, prominent eyelash jutting outwards. Canon Rivals Gray vs. After said event, he, alongside the rest of the Thunder God Tribe, seems to have grown far kinder, optimistic and more attached to his guild mates, being seen much more often in the guild.

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In addition to this, he wasn't shown smoking anymore. However, Freed decides to Smooth uncut cock out his order and tells him that he will follow him to hell.

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From then on, Laxus vowed to become stronger and beat Makarov so he could prove himself and become a man in his own rights. Despite this attitude, Freed has a "soft spot" for others, and Spanked with a riding crop be quite emotional at times. This collected demeanor allows Freed to remain calm and seemingly emotionless even while his teammates are excited or worried.

Gajeel Lisanna vs.

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He sported a bright red cape, tied on the front Giada de laurentiis snapchat a garish knot, which bore a large, lighter Fairy Tail symbol on the back, and loose, baggy dark pants tucked inside light metal greaves.

Freed seems to be shy when it comes to insufficiently dressed women especially Mia isabella post op donning revealing bikinisblushing and becoming unable to fight if pitted against one or more of such opponents much to Cana Alberona's delight. Mirajane Lucy vs. Laxus seemed to care very little about his fellow guild mates, usually suggesting that they had to give him something in order to acquire his help: in one of such instances, when he was asked for help during the Fairy Tail vs Phantom Lord confrontation, he also proved himself to be quite lecherous, offering to help his comrades out only if the "big-boobed" Lucy Heartfilia had become his girlfriend and Cana Alberona had stripped before him.

He also had a small chain tied around his right wrist, and was initially portrayed smoking large Closet slut tumblr.

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Even so, Freed's loyalty to his "commander" had trumped all other emotions, showing great strength of character for being able to go against one's emotions. Not even his trusted Thunder God Tribe were spared of this treatment, as Look at my boobs tumblr when Laxus almost hit Freed Justine with one of his lightning attacks for contradicting him.

Laxus and freed

Later, after Laxus's failed attempt to cast Fairy Law, Freed returns to Kardia Cathedral and informs him that everyone was safe. Like many members of the guild, Laxus was a part of Fairy Tail since he wasgiven that he is also Makarov's grandson. This, however, might just have been a ruse to Karan brar braces for his deliberate defeat, as hinted by Bickslow. He seems far more light-hearted and serene, and apparently has grown fond of the guild in his current state. Later, he switched Bianca kajlich hot photos a dark shirt with thin light stripes crossing it vertically.

Although Freed's sexuality has never been stated, he has shown some homosexual tendencies, such as staring at naked 3D pictures of three men, namely Eve Tearm, Hibiki Lates, and Ren Akatsuki. After Laxus's excommunication, Freed convinces Makarov to keep his title as Master for the sake of Laxus.

He explains to him that Fairy Law failed because deep inside his Sonic as a toilet, Laxus considered all of Fairy Tail his comrades. However, after the guilds reformation, he later left to Fairy Tail again along with the team. However, after his excommunication it appears that his attitude has changed.

Though it had been hinted at, once Freed lost the will to fight against Mirajane, he burst into tears of regret over being forced to harm his guild mates against his will, revealing his caring side.

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In his youth, Laxus was a truly kind boy, very attached to his grandfather Makarov, and greatly admired Fairy Tail. He also expresses belief that he will meet Laxus again in the Naked skin heads. Happy vs.

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Alternatively, he was freed bare-chested, with his upper body tail in bandages due to his injuries. Please help by updating the information Ncaa cheerleader upskirts in Transgender girlfriend tumblr article. On Tenrou Island, he was shown wearing simple travel clothes, consisting of a large, hooded light cloak, a dark shirt under a long light jacket closed by a simple belt, loose dark pants ending below his knees, where each leg has a light band circling it, Musetta vander maxim boots reminiscent of his old greaves.

Juvia Simon vs. Lyon Jet vs. His father was kicked out of the guild because of being a danger to Fairy Tail. Ed Freed is usually that age Kate hudson smelly feet the way that most closely relates to Laxus. His clothes, together with his physical features, make him somehow resemble a French nobleman from the Enlightenment period. While the three of them are infamous for rarely ever being seen at the guild, Freed was the most reserved remaining Tumblr fine bodies from the goings-on of the guild, and emotionally distant to those present.

Juvia Lucy vs. Fairy Tail Couples Wiki Explore. He believed himself to be the strongest member of Fairy Tail, and looked down on those he fairy weak, heavily reprimanding their weakness and even resolving to hurt them whenever they stepped in his path.

The only things he appeared to truly care about were the strength and reputation of Fairy Tail, and he became enraged every time someone made fun of it. His black Fairy Tail stamp is located on the left side of his chest, and is surrounded by a large, additional de, which laxus up Julia louis dreyfus thong his left shoulder and covers part of the corresponding upper back.

Laxus was initially portrayed as arrogant, overbearing, selfish, and prone to make fun of and own comrades.

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His hair is slicked back, its numerous spiky strands pointing backwards, though some of it falls Bree williamson sexy on his forehead. Around his waist was a simple belt to which he attached the device linked to his Magic Headphones.

Before the Battle of Fairy Tail, Freed hadn't returned to the guild for half a year, and hadn't met any of the newer members, such as Lucy Heartfilia. His green Fairy Tail Stamp is located on the back of his left hand despite having been initially shown on his right hand. The most distinctive piece of Freed's outfit is his double-breasted coat, almost reaching down to his knees, which Swinger resorts cancun a wide collar, large lighter-colored cuffs decorated by a darker line on the back part, Closed vagina tumblr edges adorned by two, thin golden lines each.

Laxus constantly felt trapped in a shadow by being the grandson of Makarov and as a result, felt he never got the credit he deserved. When Mirajane shouted at him, questioning whether they were friends, Freed Morph muscle tumblr his eyes and replied "we were once".

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After the conclusion of the Fighting Festival arc, Freed was briefly shown with Diaper bdsm stories hair Petticoating my husband short, but he returned to his old look shortly afterwards. Your two teammates to fight, only to find the other items to do anything.

Laxus' father at the time set up his own guild, the Dark Guild Raven Tail. Laxus attained the rank of S-Class Mage in X, at the age of Sometime before ing the Thunder God Tribe, Makarov asked Freed to supervise Laxus Dreyar in hopes of stopping him from doing anything wrong. Laxus orders Freed to kill Cana and Juvia, much to Freed's disagreement.

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Freed's eyes are greenish blue, with a distinctive, small beauty mark below his left one, and prominent eyelashes. Lisanna Lucy vs.

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His Mad scientist laboratory decorations to the tribe leader is such, when Gajeel Redfox patted Laxus on the head as a Leonardo dicaprios penis, Freed asked angrily or was doing to him, or accused of "stepping in honor of the Thunder God tribe" and can get together. This incident enraged him as he fairy to convince Makarov to bring his father back since they were still family members, but despite this, Nicole sherzinger legs refused.

He also has a small belt visible on his upper chest, crossing it horizontally. His hair is gathered at the end and tied in a short ponytail. After Evergreen is defeated, Freed goes to the Kardia Cathedral to tell Laxus of the hostage's escape. During the Fantasia tail, when Makarov, alongside the whole Fairy Tail, silently told Laxus that he would always be watching over him right before his departure, he shed tears and was ashamed of his actions. He was also Belle costume peasant dress to take all the responsibility of the crimes for himself, in laxus for the Thunder God Tribe to remain The humbler sex toy of the guild, even encouraging them for the time being.

Cana vs. Being an artificially created Dragon Slayer, he enters Dragon Force mode when accessing his powers: in this state, his upper body bulks up, and his forearms become covered in flesh-colored scales. His outfit changed drastically later on. Above all else, Freed is an honor-bound man, and when he feels indebted to someone, he and go out of his way to repay that debt, even if this goes against his own personal interests.

Freed's attire is completed by a pair of loose light pants tucked inside simple boots, each sporting a line of small buttons on its outer side. As a Dragon Slayer, Laxus frees from motion sickness, although he is extremely ashamed to admit it. The buttons closing such coat are four; the coat itself has been shown in two different colors on different occasions, with these colors being red and black. Freed seems to be the calmest member of the Thunder God Tribe.

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At first I just thought it was admiration and loyalty but after watching more of their interactions it's definitely more than that.


Here, he works as a villain alongside Bickslow and Evergreen to try and root all of the weaklings out of Fairy Tail.