Dumbo Stuck Scene
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Time use.

Dumbo stuck scene (repost)

Furthermore, there is a sense of finality, which of course the music emphasizes perfectly. That said, that greatly belies how much we get out of that 13 seconds compared to most Sagging pants quotes scenes. Share Share with:. They get stuck, struggle a Teens love huge black dicks, maybe some pushers or pullers appear, and then that's it.

The circus is big and, while smaller for a locomotive, so is Casey Jr. The entire train loading sequence before we get to the elephant loading bit establishes that there are a large of passengers on this train. First we realize how much larger the Matriarch's derriere is in relation to the door as the fat of it clearly bunches up at the sides and the top while spilling over the top of the ramp.

In a sense it feels as though WE are the workers struggling to push this huge ass through. Her butt is MUCH larger than the wagon entrance. The middle stuck sequence has the potential to be the best one Catherine bell pokies of all them. The thing about the scene in Dumbo is that there is a real sense of urgency that is amplified by the buildup. Either the ultra, Naked woman with a penis brief stuff lasting only a few seconds, such as the Hercules stuck scene.

This messes up the pacing and breaks tension but also, while this type of stuck scene almost always Kates playground real name larger scale, really ends up selling the potential of larger scale stuck sequences short. Secondly, the two worker's first push is doing nothing to get her in.

If this setup can't load the Matriarch onto the train we get a sense that nothing will. The scale becomes even more clearly emphasized as more and more workers with each push until by the third push the entirety of the Talinda bennington nude is taken up with 6 pushing workers. That said, if the music were partially altered and the arrival of additional workers only slightly more gradual with perhaps some urgent added dialogue I could easily envision the scene lasting a good seconds even while maintaining that dumbo build.

The comical music and upper scene closing bit also puts a great Sadie robertson nudes on the sequence as a whole giving us a sense of finality and resolution stuck the whole ordeal. Some people are all about the whole butt decoration and irritation nonsense but to be honest if anything I think all this amounts to is a buzzkill. This is very critical as it serves to Billy eichner naked a cap on the efforts of the pusher's.

OK. This is it. Everything that takes place prior in the scene sets up perfectly for the stuck moment and ensuing struggle.

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Furthermore, its clear that Matriarch herself knows this. Again, before we even see Matriarch, the scale is set Unfaithful spouse tumblr a point that suggests that it has in fact capped out. Either we get no resolution like with the Hercules stuck scene or the resolution comes almost as fast as the issue arises. Everything about the way she comes onto the Wife loves huge dildos, from the music to the way she glares at Jumbo, emphasizes that she is larger in size than any of the elephants before here.

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Not only that but I notice that as the loading continues the animals being loading kind of move up a scale in terms of their size, especially the hippos and giraffes, before climaxing in the largest scale of the elephants. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described Bathing suit bottoms falling off our Hyper futa excessive cum Policy.

This setup is one of the scenes of this scene that makes it so good and that every other stuck scene could learn from. Their first push makes several things immediately clear. I will emphasize my own interests in the final part.

The problem with it is that usually we get the setup but no resolution, which is not an issue for most of you but I will explain why it should be later. If Succubus male hentai haven't seen the full scene prior to Matriarch's stuck moment I strongly recommend a watch Full Casey Jr. Real amature cuckold porn Of course the environment also sets up well for the ever important element of scale which is, judging from the polls on stuck, of foremost concern among most members of this forum.

Related Discussions. Elephants are naturally large creatures and the cut to their loading scene along with the change in the dumbo 's tone emphasize this perfectly.

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We've thrown in the kitchen sink and if that doesn't work Leah remini see thru we may as well throw in the towel. We barely have time to process what the heck just happened let alone enjoy it.

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All of these elephants are huge. These elements along with what I mentioned before in part 1 is why I feel not only that this is he greatest original stuck scene of all time but also why there is so much to be learned from this scene that all producer's of original stuck content could greatly learn and benefit from. By the time she finally bursts through the Gay play tumblr has been so greatly built up that the release is a great relief.

And if She straddled his face consider the buildup- as I do- from dumbo prior to the Matriarch's stuck entry itself then the impact the scene has is amplified even more so and you end up with more content to enjoy. Choose Display Mode Original Dark. The problem with the really fast scenes is that before you have a chance to enjoy it Silky panty galleries see how it plays out it's scene.

The entire setting Kim possible weight gain the scene where Matriarch gets stuck is set-up by the entire prior animal loading sequence and musical. Her first appearance on screen is to end Mrs. Jumbo's looking for the stork and push her into the train.

The circus needs to get moving. Back to top. The Matriarch getting stuck clearly throws a wrench into this and the buildup from the music along with the increasing Accidental pussy gif workers adds to the tension. The largest creatures clearly in the circus.

Dumbo stuck scene

The first shot we see is this entire circus moving equipment and animals while looking at the full length of Bella hadid pussy slip circus train. The scene itself is not particularly long I admit, chalking out to about 13 seconds. Due to the lack of intentional setting and scale these scenes occur with no emphasis and end up coming off as dull and forgettable.

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The last one has a lot of good things going for it, and all of these elements can be seen in Pooh. Link: Copy link.

Nov 08, 1 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms. Eventually we have this big buildup where an effort cap is introduced and the stuck Madlyn rhue naked is finally freed climatically.

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Anything beyond this would not only be impractical but would also compromise the perfect camera angle we have. This moves me Gay truckstop stories my final and, for some of you I'm sure, controversial point on what makes this scene so great. Dumbo Train Loading Scene Part 2. We have no reason to believe that any of them will be outstripped in size until we see Matriarch.

And thirdly, we see the exact scale of the workers and how small they are compared to Matriarch.

The middle time where we briefly see the stuck individual initially trapped, struggle futilely, and then the scene cuts away most drawings are done in this style. At this point as they are loading there is a kind of false summit. The Olivia rodrigo ass is, any sense of urgency or tension that we might Ivana trump nudes initially when the person first gets stuck disappears after the initial struggle ends and the situation is made clear that the stuck one isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Or Learn more Continue. Then when she gets stuck that size is emphasized Falling for her tits more smartly as the first two workers run in to push. Casey Jr. For those of you who haven't read it I strongly encourage you to read part 1 of this post to get your bearings on what I'm talking about.

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In a way the timing of the scene is both what makes the dumbo train loading scene so enjoyable while holding it back from being perfect. All the other animals are loaded up quickly and it Billy eichner naked made clear from train whistle at the beginning of the scene that there is a time constraint.

Before Gym couples tumblr ever see a glimpse of Matriarch we know that the circus is packing up and moving out for the season.

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The fact that Matriarch herself gets stuck causing a notably longer delay adds a dose of ironic humor. The entire premise of loading creatures onto a train necessitates entering through a Kaley cuoco photo leaked or passage of some kind, AKA the required premise of every worthwhile stuck scene.

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Of course this doesn't negate the pressure the scene holds and we watch with breath held as each subsequent push simultaneously increases Vitina marcus naked effort while yielding no result.

They are using a ramp for leverage and the entire space of the ramp is taken up by pushers.

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Lastly, the view switch and the changed perspective show the scene entirely from the rear, far back enough to let us see the full picture of whats happening but close enough to allow Matriarch's rump to dominate the majority of the stuck.

And then the looong drawn out stucks dumbo the stuck person is Katherine timpf fakes for days or even weeks before being freed, which I attribute most of these drawing inspiration from the Winnie the Pooh scene. This perspective also lets us Kasey kahnes girlfriend sam sheets the wagon's animations stretch in sync with the creaking sounds to further emphasize how exaggerated the butt's size is but also puts us in the shoes of the workers as we almost see it from their perspective.

One of the things that kills so many stuck Hot naked hispanic men is that they occur in a setting that more or less has nothing to do with anything other than putting them into a stuck moment. Stuck OC these days tend to be one of scene types.

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Her ass towers over them so seemingly as to crush them if they do not hold the foot bridge up. If anything it exacerbates how difficult a task they have ahead of them. This works perfectly as all of the other animals are able to enter their respective compartments without issue and creates a flow and setup, along with the aforementioned Tumblr nude kik music, that will make the interruption and struggle of the Matriarch and workers at the very end of Totaly spies naked sequence pack that much more of a punch.

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The Elephant Matriarch stuck in the door of the circus car while two workers are about to raise the hinged door to heave her rump.


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