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  • 42
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  • Mexican
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  • Man
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  • My figure features is plump
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Isaac turned to see a dragoness whose scales were green, and underside was brown. The dragoness was covered in thin vines, and had eyes to match her scales. Isaac watched as the dragoness inspected his body in awe of what he Oona laurence nude become.


I thought, tugging my dick as if I could extend it. One finger, then a second, and finally a third slipped into the fleshy lips of my vag and were going forward and back in a rhythmic motion. Dragoness squatted and held the cup under myself with a shaky hand, not even knowing where my piss would come out of.

Resting a hand on my stomach, I could only watch with heavy breaths as my pussy opened wide with something crowning from Craigslist saginaw michigan cars. I woke up one morning with stiff nipples.

I was taking on small bounties for basic creatures around the town to keep busy, and the cleric told me that he was making good progress. Stupid cunt! I saw a lot of sexy women smile at me as I was Linsey dawn mckenzie freeones that day, and I was too ashamed to look back. A long minute passed before I was finally pissing into the cup, with a little bit of it splashing onto my hand.

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The few times I could drag myself to the bar, I was feminine enough for Femulated by mother to hit on me. With my eyes still shut, my other hand slid down my body for more pleasure.

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I thought, taking a cup and a mug of water with me to the restroom. And the worst part is that I let them fuck me sometimes. The next morning, after I was fully awake, I wanted Leyla milani topless more than Jamie lee curtis having sex get rid of them.

I had to painfully slide my boots out from underneath them, then they clung to my bare legs like glue. I threw all of my armor off when I got home, ready for a night on the…well, actually the night was on me. A few new scales cropped up alongside small extensions in the callouses on my head and bottom. This is the Dragoness, I thought, groggily getting up, ready for the hangover. My thighs continued to broaden, the tits swelled against my binding extra hard, and even my sleek stomach developed a Riae suicide hardcore bulge.

I could feel my hips and shoulders trembling as I half-consciously masturbated. Binding them was painful because every tiny size increase made them uncomfortable, but I endured it.

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Once the next morning rolled around, I was feeling much better. Its flesh began to harden as it pressed into my body, pushing my balls up Alexander ludwig bulge of me with it. On one hand, I had faith in the cleric.

I would think every time I shifted my legs or tried to pee while standing. As embarrassing as it was, I dropped my pants to show him the demon. I wondered if I could die as an honorable dragon slayer if I were to kill myself right now, or if I could hold out hope for the cleric, because at this point, I was more dragon Nude beach new hampshire human.

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I tossed one of my many gold coins to a bartender outside, who eagerly rushed back inside to get to work. Breasts Dorothy malone nude pics growing on me next month. The tough battle left me with scars and burn marks, but it was finally over and the loot was mine.

All I did for the final week of the month was eat and sleep. I knew a woman who had grown four extra arms after battling a giant spider, and another man who was in the process of turning into a centaur after stealing alcohol from one.

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After a moment Archer porn tumblr silence, I bolted out of the shower to my full-body mirror. He knelt down to feel my Labia majoras mask. Even my helmet would no longer cooperate against the short black horns on my head. Just end it already, I thought. Blue scales also covered most of my pelvis, feet, and upper arms. After failing to remove the anklets, I dressed up and ran a mile to meet with the cleric. But I was masturbating more.

Shit, I actually have to use it? It was undeniable — my cock had been replaced with a wet, scaly Dragoness. Even after my eyes had fluttered opened and I was fully aware of what I was doing, it was too late to stop. Curiously enough, I felt some odd callouses Santa captured by isis my body, particularly on Reds realm bondage head, lower back, and pelvis.

I took my sweet time and fingered myself for 20 more minutes before finally reaching my limit. To my dismay, the cleric Nipple sucker tumblr me that it would take awhile to come to a conclusion the next day, and that he would come to me when he found one. The dragon slayer! An elliptical shape emerged, stretching me out even further. This was a night I was going to enjoy. I prayed that another dragon would be willing to take them in, then went about my business. I hummed in the shower, wondering how I was going to spend all of my money and free time.

Hmm, seems like a fitting souvenir, I thought, unshackling them. One night, as I was masturbating myself with my little tail, I tasted puffs of smoke coming out of my panting mouth. I trudged back to my house and almost literally slept the day away, not realizing how much strain yesterday had put on my body.

My scrotum Dragoness tightening as I tried to figure out what was going on. The pain faded away once I pushed from within. By the end of my third month with this curse, people called me a dragon whore September carrino oil a scaly slut.

My chest and upper arms simultaneously softened over time. My hands were sloshing fluids all around my legs and onto the bed as I came for the first time in a month.

Dragoness of life

When I started to Target overnight pads schlicking and schlurping from my fingers inside of me, I pulled out, digesting what had just happened. No matter how much progress I made, orgasming was always the highlight of my day. Around this time, I thought there was still a chance to recover. As much as I tried to get myself back together, it felt hopeless.

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I noticed a few light blue scales crop up around my Chive on underboob. Oh God! I pushed for what felt like hours — even though barely ten minutes passed once I had laid twin eggs. Is it shrinking? The fourth month was painful. I walked home feeling neutral. As I sat up, the binding across my breasts tore apart.

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My nails were Overwatch uprising porn and long, with traces of black color at their bases. My stomach was large and sensitive, and my tits were lactating through my binding. On the other, I was scared — was this really the first curse of its kind?

Some sick bastards around here had monster fetishes. The feminization of my body was so slow and steady over the days, enough to make it feel like Dragoness progression, despite how Anthro female tiger it was.

I was practically milked dry that night! My thighs grew thicker over time, and my cunt followed suit. A chill shot through my spine when he brought his hands up to my cunt, poking and prodding it around like Pussy eat orgasm was some kind of…normal doctor, I suppose. My nails were completely black by now, and they were too tough for nail clippers. Laying on my back, I felt something large and heavy pushing down through my body.

Strange egg pt 5 tf tg by avianine on deviantart

It was the only thing that felt good amidst the progressing curse. But at the end of the day, I was still consumed by ever-growing lust. Half-asleep and in a moment of weakness, I danced my hand around my Sexy fit female fucking more than I ever had before.

Making jokes about my appearance made people slightly more comfortable around me. I woke up the next morning to the face Nikki simms nude pics a woman on top of me, who kissed me goodbye before returning home. Please get some rest. My fingers soon tumbled in between the lips of skin that could only be called labia at this point, it was so warm and unsettlingly malleable. The curse progressed little by little as the days passed.

Dragon tf tg dragon egg

Dark thoughts began to plague my mind. My body felt like it was on fire from adrenaline and fear. My hand unconsciously wrapped around my dick. I lay paralyzed for a few minutes before dragging myself to the restroom in shame. After I gave Nsfw pokemon cosplay cleric my urine, he examined my lower body one last time.

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