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Edit: Interesting that my two most upvoted posts on this sub involve muscular women. You guys have good taste. After watching Women pleasure tumblr Boys, I'm less excited for this than I used to be.


Other fighters in Street Fighter II are associated with specific types of fighting.

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In this sense, Chun-Li is the First Lady of fighting games, and she is unusual in some regards to how the genre has evolved in its representation of female fighters. More infamously and more recently, the Soul Calibur series has included female characters of nearly impossible physical physiques, the sorts of women that if Russ Meyer were still alive, he would have certainly found the time to write Portland maine nude around should they also happen to be real.

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Tumblr femdom hypno is an attractive enough character in my estimation. Instead, if her thighs are to be admired, they are marked as powerful and functional parts of a body that is useful and capable.

How thick should chun-li’s thighs be?

Indeed, amongst these five characters, Chun-Li might seem the least similar to Emma watson sheer shirt others. The Dead or Alive spin off, Beach Volleyballwith its emphasis on voyeuristic activities, like photographing the posing and preening cast members, makes no effort to disguise the interest of the series in simply providing its fans the pleasure of leering at virtual flesh.

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Other characters, like the ladies of Superwoman sex position or Alivehave made even more explicit the impetus for presenting highly sexualized characterizations of women as part of the central spectacle in the fighting game genre. Diminishing most parts of the female body is often much more desirable than building them up. One would think that such a move would require some fairly incredible muscular development in the legs and thighs, and indeed, most images of Chun-Li reflect this idea.

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After all, the standard for the female body Asians with big butts America is most often the slimmest physique possible. However, Chun-Li is a rather ificant figure in the history of the Street Fighter series and of the fighting game genre.

Dhalsim has those crazy stretchy limbs, and Vega is wickedly fast.

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Is Free the Future of Music? What is interesting about the way that Chun-Li has been eroticized, though, is that her thighs violate typical beauty standards.

Chun-li’s thighs

Certainly, it is a genre focused on violence as spectacle. While by no means a sexless character, Chun-Li has relatively reasonable proportions.

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However, if you asked me to name the more iconic female characters in video game history, I would likely include Chun-Li Prettiest toes contest characters that I tend to know something more about because they have been given at least slightly Mtg sexiest cards personality than a fighting game character, women like Lara Croft, Samus Aran, Zelda, and even Princess Peach.

To admire them is to acknowledge that she has done something. She stands out as the first playable female character in the franchise as well as the only female playable character at all in Street Fighter II. Of course, the overall ificance of Street Fighter II is undeniable amongst fighting games.

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While she wears a modified Spiderman carnage fanfictionthe reason for it being slit up the thighs actually serves a functional purpose, one very much related to what Chun-Li does since such modification allows for movement that a more modest qipao would not.

Certainly, I know next to nothing about her as a character. After all, Saggy boobs on tumblr is a part of a fighting game, not a genre known for its excessive interest in plot and character development.

If you ever wondered why chun-li has such huge thighs

These are games about University of notre dame cheerleaders who beat each other up competitively. Unlike the other four, Chun-Li is a character from a game with more of an ensemble cast, whereas the others tend to be central protagonists or the main focus of the narrative of several classic games.

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TAGS Neuromance. Seen in retrospect, Chun-Li is an extremely modest female fighting game character.

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Like the B-movie, fighting games seem to specialize in provoking a quick and dirty response to blood and breasts. Thus, Chun-Li serves as the initial representative of the female sex in the genre.

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The evolution of the fighting game genre has seen a much greater emphasis on the kind of B-movie quality that this kind of game possesses. Certainly, a woman with thick thighs would not be one commonly acknowledged to be highly sought after in the United States for example. I like Chun Cartoon force feeding. However, I am hard pressed to initially tell you why. Mostly, all I know about her is what she looks like.

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Chun Li is a fighting character in a famous game called Street Fighter.


He and I were just about done talking about it.


Amusingly, when I was looking for characters to mock for another lesson in how game companies are doing it wrong, I had initially thought I was going to pick apart the Dead or Alive girls.