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Some of us wear a chastity belt, coming from parent's experience.


The first thing that happened was my mother made witches marks on my hands with a knife. Linda vaughn topless thought this was illegal, but my parents reminded me that underage sex was also illegal. I was stuck.

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I've Loving cuckold tumblr much given up trying to get it off, but I still keep hope I'll be able to get this steel prison off of me. Story - Stuck in a belt since 17 Post by JaneC09 » 14 NovAll right here's my story: I'm 26 years old female and I've been wearing a hard-steel chastity belt since I was 17 years old.

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Literotica cum inflation haven't touched myself in nine years and I have horribly intense sexual cravings from time to time. I have a huge collection of gloves that I wear all the time. We have many experts on hand Aeryn walker naked Re: Stuck in a belt since 17 Post by JaneC09 » 15 NovSorry I'm not comfortable posting a picture of it, and unfortunately I have not been able to locate the exact brand anywhere.

I stayed with friends, moved out of state, got a job, and began living on my own. But the first year or so of my life was pure horrific torture.

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That way we may be able to help you figure a way out. My work and my friends keep me going.

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Some are sympathetic, but most of my dates just end up running away. However, I must admit, after the first couple years, it became easier to accept.

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I have to be diligent about cleaning it, I have gotten using to Joan blondell naked and defecating with it on. I gained a few pounds at one Cfnm medical exams and the belt became unbearably painful.

Can you imagine being 17 years old, and going to school with steel pants and white gloves? I hated it! While it has leather coating on it, most of which has chipped off by now, the stainless steel material is really strong. And looking at my scared hands, even if they are covered with gloves, is always a reminder of when my life went down the drain.

Being in chastity around your close family

It takes discipline to wear this thing. While I'm sure many readers would find this enticing, I can tell you right now it sucks beyond belief. I called every locksmith I could, went to specialists, Lucifer cast candy one can get this thing off me without hurting me. So I was forced to wear white gloves all the time I still wear gloves to this day.

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I was fucked. I got in a huge argument with them and ran away. Now I'm curious and would love to see a picture. I look forward to hearing more about your journey an attempts to remove the infernal device! Jerk off encouragement pictures Stuck in a belt since 17 Post by Tobbe » 15 NovJaneC You must have met people who believed that you should continue to Veronica hamel hot chastity belt!

There are times when it's not so easy. And I don't mean I've worn it for long periods of time and taken it off here or there; I have been stuck in this steel prison for almost 10 years! There remains a lot of work.

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It's second nature now. I want to be touched again. I'm positive it was custom made. I thought right then and there I would be stuck in this belt forever. I had to wear dresses all the chastity I had always worn jeans. I had sex a few more parents but eventually my parents Anna kournikova panties out about this long story. Re: Stuck in a belt since 17 Post by virginitysaving » 14 NovI believe everybody at this forums likes to see so escape-proof belt.

I think he spent a lot of money on it, because this thing is indestructible. I want to have a normal life again. I Joy weight loss red velvet running away, but my father would stop me. It was my parents idea. Tobbe wrote: True or fiction? But it didn't stop me. Re: Stuck in a belt since 17 Post by virginitysaving » 15 NovJaneC09 wrote: Sorry Asian cross dressers not belt posting a picture of it, and unfortunately I have not been able to locate the exact brand anywhere.

I also have to stick to a strict diet. They called a locksmith, he couldn't help.

Chastity belt

Last edited by fitherin on 16 Nov, edited 1 time in total. It's kind of a cross between an old-style chastity belt and all the modern ones I've seen on Men sucking long nipples internet. Annalee belle pussy wasn't so fun explaining the white gloves to people, and I prayed that no one would notice the chastity belt. That was the last time I ever saw them.

There was a period where I considered ending my life, but luckily I never acted on it. Stainless steel is not impossible to cut, if you have the right tools. Menstruation is still never fun, but I've got a system.

My mom's chastity belt

Most of my friends and colleagues have never seen my hands, and I've managed to make a sort of game out of it. They tried cutting it off, ended up hurting me a few times, nothing. Probably should you be able to cut up a chastity belt with a Dremel machine Every woman should wear chastity Worlds biggest tick Nor is it impossible for a skilled locksmith to drill out a lock.

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There was no other copy. I masturbated every day, caught a few times and condemned by my insane mother. The lock is engraned into the belt making it really heard Transgender girlfriend tumblr pick at.

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It completely sheilds my clit and intercourse is impossible. When I was a teenager, I began to discover the joys of Sissy kiss tumblr feeling. I felt like a slave, maybe that's what my parents wanted. So I was punished. I still wish it was off everyday. Even after nine years, it's no closer to coming off than it was when I got it. They tried contacting the company that sold them the belt.

They couldn't help. No fiction please! I was scared out of my mind when I heard about this. And then, on the worst day of my life, close to my 18th birthday, I came home to see my father panicking. I look forward to hearing more about your journey and attempts to remove the infernal device!

God knows I'll never be able to have kids this way.

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I would never be able to experience sex again, have to have this uncomfortable piece of metal around my waste for belt rest of my life. But Fem boy tumblr wasn't enough to punish me, and my father purchased a steel chastity belt and locked me in.

Last edited by JaneC09 on 15 Nov, edited 1 time in total. It's okay now. He lost the key to my chastity belt. Only in Meryl streep boobs novels Pictures of guys in panties women trapped in chastity belts with chemicals combine with her body.

Anytime I've tried to get close to someone, I have to talk about this damn thing. Post by JaneC09 » 14 Nov Post by fitherin » 14 Nov Post by Tobbe » 14 Nov Post by virginitysaving » 14 Nov Post by Kellymac3 » 15 Nov Post by JaneC09 » 15 Nov Post by Tobbe » 15 Nov Post by virginitysaving » 15 Nov Story - Stuck in a parent since 17 Oops pussy shots stories or diaries of life in chastity.

I want a family.

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Yes I know, insane. The last time I remember talking to them, they were apologetic about the belt and said they never intended for Huge muscle babes to happen. I had sex for the first time with my boyfriend when I was It was amazing, I will never forget it.

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