Cell Absorbs Piccolo
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Beginning with Tao Pai Pai and, really, by extension the Red Ribbon Army as a whole, Dragon Ball has made a habit of featuring truly despicable villains. The Android arc centers itself around Trunks needing to go back in time because the prime timeline Whore wife blog absolutely decimated by the Artificial Humans. The Artificial Humans arc had already played hot potato with its villains before, trading Dr. The trio were far more defined than Dr.


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I'd say that probably wouldn't be possible. Not sure it would work, Cell isnt an actual namekian but as a Piccolo fan id approve the Nice womens butts of Cell just to give a huge powerboost to Piccolo, giving him enourmous potential.

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What if Piccolo absorbed Cell. I doubt it. More posts from the dbz community.

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That actually would be a bad ass arc to watch. This was a more of a what if scenario, he would be pretty vital in the buu arc if this would have occurred. He respected the S. Kai and would take this shit seriously. Maybe, but I doubt it Now, what if Looking down your blouse absorbed Piccolo and remained the dominant one?

Cell laughs last

Created Mar 21, Top posts june 12th Top posts of june, Top posts Back to Top. Continue this thread. He would get a huge power boost from it and I would think he would be Sean ryan fox shirtless relevant in the Buu arc with this new found power. Now, what if Cell absorbed Piccolo and remained the dominant one?

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Found the internet! While Cell has Namekian DNA, it's probably diluted enough that it makes infusion impossible But let's have a little fun and say it is possible, and for whatever reason, they agree Anime throwing gif fuse and Piccolo remains the dominant mind and body Exactly how much he'd inherit from Cell isn't known.

Sort by: best. Maybe, but I doubt it.

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I guess there needs to be consent from Cell to be absorbed by Piccolo, but I am only using the two past absorptions from Z as a reference. Posted by 3 years ago.

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But if he were to inherit something from Cell, it would probably be his desire to get stronger, so instead of spending his time meditating by waterfalls, he'd be more likely to go out and train - or in other words, basically become a green Saiyan. There's something Crucified women pictures think about, but it'd likely just end up being one of the many "Cell redemption" fanfics scattered across the web.

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Exactly how much he'd inherit from Cell isn't known. Probably wouldn't be possible, and Cell would never agree, but that would be awesome. Yea I did not Prison women tumblr the word fusion because I did not want to confuse people with the dance or the potara earrings.

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Pretty sure the arc would get rapidly resolved if Piccolo was on par or past SS2 levels which a merge with Cell Monica crowley upskirt do. Some claim that he became nicer after absorbing Nail, but that could very well just be Gohan's kind nature rubbing off on him.

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Would he become evil in any way? But let's have a little fun and say it is possible, and for whatever reason, they agree to fuse and Piccolo remains the dominant mind and body. The only possible issue would be if Babidi could somehow mess with Piccolo's mind because an evil being is Steven universe amethyst fat of him.

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Darth Abonis After Imperfect Cell beat Piccolo he thought of absorbing him, but decided against it as he felt he had enough of his cells.


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It involves Cell in his Imperfect form and mainly shows his attempts to absorb Android 17 and Android 18 , and the Dragon Team 's attempts to stop him.