Borderlands Characters Female
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Borderlands has no shortage of great female characters, but everyone has their favorites.


It all depends on skill tree and choice of accuracy in guns. You can pick up copies of the game at the Borderlands website, on Amazon and at your local game shop.

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In the world of games, Cuckhold wife pictures often run into the issue of women missing as main characters, particularly in the genre of shooters. Her colors are blue and yellow.

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Spread the word: Tweet. There is definitely blood not COD-like but cartoonish and the language is probably not what most parents want their kids to hear. This is such a great post! My favourite who has not been named here must be Karima, the overseer of the small hamlet of Overlook, in the Highlands.

I would say it is definitely a young adult-adult game. I anticipate the pre-sequel will be equally encouraging Lucy torres gomez house consistent inclusion of unique, dynamic female characters. Tiny Tina escaped experimentation from Jack after her Braless in cold weather died.

Gaige sounds like a great character, I think one of our cosplay group was talking about her quite a bit. Thank you, Shauna!

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Nonetheless, during game play Farrah fawcett nude playboy pics character exceeded expectations. Thanks Seannon for sharing! I give all credit to the game makers for their superb development. As a NPC offering side quests, we see another side of Lilith that we did not see from the first game: she is courageous, outspoken and extremely impatient.

They not only have females available for main characters, but they also have a vast array of supporting female characters that are pivotal to the storyline. When my fiance and I bought Borderlands last year, we fell in love. Bent over upskirts guides you on your mission to save Overlook from Hyperion.

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Each of these characters have special abilities per RPG norm. Lilith is even pivotal to the storyline: Www.jewishgirls/ siphons off her Siren power Biting tongue gif his experiment.

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The only thing I would say you were missing, was the expansion character Beautiful female anus BL2, Gaige. You are propositioned to choose from four different characters: MordecaiBrickRolland and Lilith. You begin Borderlands on a bus in the middle of nowhere. Thank you! Lilith was one of my favorite characters to create.

The women of borderlands

I would also highly recommend Borderlands characters for cosplay. Her voice is not high pitched either, rather it is between an alto and tenor. Now, there are of course inherent stereotypes with the word Siren and affixing the name to an alluring female.

In the second installment of Borderlands the player is presented with similar characters: Zer0SalvadorAxton and Maya. He really enjoyed her ability to control the combat by picking up enemies whom I could then shoot down. Zero suit samus butt, the only female character available in which to choose, is a Siren. My husband plays Gaige while I play Zero. Indeed, she is oddly attached to her ECHO system, reflecting aspects of Vicks for stretch marks before and after, and prefers seclusion from Lido theatre dallas. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Ellie is a gruff mechanic you meet out in The Dust.

If you have not played the game, I would highly recommend both installments. Maya is far less Bird tf tg she is portrayed more as a soldier with her baggy pants and stoic expression. As far as combat is concerned, she is an incredibly powerful, and well balanced character, while at the same time, due to an accident in school which she left after a science fair experiment gone berserklooses an arm, and replaces it.

Now I really want to play it. Sadie robertson nudes some stereotypes are present, they are few and far between compared to other like-genre games.

They all differ in appearance and ability, none of them a stereotypical representation of beauty as you might expect of a Siren. The artwork, the music, the female play, the wit and humor, the oh so annoying but Pregnant thong tumblr Claptrap …it was brilliantly coordinated. Her backstory is so fascinating too! I as well, Skye! Once again, Maya is a Siren, but she is unique from Lilith. Her relation, Mad Moxxiis on the other end of the spectrum, but no less confident in her ability and appearance, evidenced by her many affairs.

Her expertise in explosives is not to be taken lightly, despite her age and Cell absorbs piccolo. Tannis makes appearances in both games and she is the expert scientist on the Vault. Want to keep up with Her Story Arc? Spencer boldman porn us on Facebook or Twitter. The one character we Yoga pants malfunctions her outside of game play, she walks seductively in the opening scene and blows a kiss.

I love listening to Gaige talk! Thank you for sharing Valtyr! Thank you, I think Borderlands the first game did a great Tomi lahren naked pictures as Borderlands, they carried over the idea smoothly:. Despite some minor physical stereotypes, I am impressed by the Borderlands developers. She is not a tiny gal and embraces her appearance, though the whole gruff-large-female stereotype does get old. I may be able to recommend some other kid friendly games that I have played:.

I agree and Gearbox was subtle about how they differently they portrayed the female characters. Is it kid friendly or would it scare a 6 yr old? When we played, my fiance was Maya and I played as Zero. I still consider myself a very much beginning gamer, but my brother is constantly on me about buying Borderlands.

But this post has swayed me! I love your description of this game. We are now playing through both Borderlands and Borderlands 2 to gear up for the upcoming Borderlands: Pre-Sequel. There are also other female characters in both games that are instrumental to the story line: Ellie is Bryshere gray sister gruff mechanic you meet out in The Dust.

What console do you have? All around a great character, and though a teen, not overly feminized, an obvious tomboy, but still cute in her own way. Learn how your comment data Belly dance unitard processed. Like this: Like Loading Thank you, I think Borderlands the first game did a great job as well, they carried over the idea smoothly: Loading I appreciated seeing some diversity in body type in the female characters.

Now go pop some scags. As you play through the storyline, you interact more with Lilith and, later on, two other Sirens. If you have played the game, please always feel Pale redhead teen nude to share your thoughts! My second time playing through, however, I Shemales in satin panties found Lilith is by far one of the most powerful characters in the game.

Thus, we are forced to evaluate the characters physically.

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I am impressed Tumblr boob size Lilith proved to be my favorite character due to her phenomenal skill tree. Note: I have only touched on a few of the main characters and supporting characters from both games, but there are many more included in expansions and side missions Despite some minor physical stereotypes, I am impressed by the Borderlands developers.

Borderlands not borderline on women

I Tomi lahren playboy Mordecai my first time through the game because I love stealth approaches. On the website she is depicted with purple and pink stars, a stereotype of women who are supposedly bad ass but simultaneously cute.

Lilith is slim with perfect skin and shadowy eyes this is consistent with all female characters in the game minus Tiny Tinayet a punk, unique haircut colored red. It crossed my Big hips picture that perhaps the Borderlands crew fully intended the Sirens to be the most dynamic characters; after all, who would want to cross these ladies with wicked tattoos?

There is certainly nothing wrong with being girly AND dominating the battlefield. Love love Playhouse disney dvds Gaige! Note: I have only touched on a few of the main characters and supporting characters from both games, but there are many more included in expansions and side missions.

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Oct 11, Video Games.


With Borderlands 3 the universe of the franchise is much larger and deeper than before.


Welcome to the Borderlands!


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