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Body inflation is the practice of inflating or pretending to inflate a part of one's bodyoften for sexual gratification.


Continue this thread. He probably jerks off to a picture of Ben Bernanke. I have an inflation fetish. As in, when did you realise you this turned you on, how did it make you feel etc. How do Larsa younan naked feel about the stuff that's related to inflation eg vore but not necessarily something you go for?

Body inflation

The girl is enjoying the whole thing, the feeling of expansion and increased areas Julie banderas legs sensitivity, feeling her pants get tighter and tighter until the button snaps with a satisfying pop. I also enjoy weight gain--skinnier girls getting rounder and heavier, to a reasonable extent.

No, not Star butterfly upskirt. This along with a dream I had as of eating a balloon, and inflating and rising to the ceiling. Generally not for me, though there is plenty of crossover in the community.

horney personals Veronica

No worries, I don't talk about this much so I'm happy to be answering questions. Outside of that nobody knows. Balloons themselves don't do anything for me. What is it about inflation that Luxa star wars you on? Like I said, inflation can be a dangerous sport, and I find my partner quite sexy as she is anyway. Found the internet! Does this include, the all too popular, pregnancy fetish?

I have an inflation fetish. ama

EDIT: thought about it, and lowered the percentage of inflation fantasies a bit. Mmm, Zimbabwe, your economic turmoil is such a turn-on! What's it like buying a car from a dealrship with all those inflatable wacky armed flailing men around? I also enjoy I suppose the fantasy of a helpless girl who's been inflated too big to put on clothes, Woman giving a golden shower fit through a door, etc.

beautiful floozy Savanna

Only a couple people, friends of mine who are really open about weird stuff to begin with. Any other fetishes, or just inflation?

Real life blueberry girl

I do enjoy "curvier" women, but not exclusively. The first hints of the fetish are usually revealed as watching something innocent, like the blueberry scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory there's a whole Tumblr bondage hood girl subfetish, by the way.

Sort by: best. As I've stated elsewhere, it's all about the process. Yes, I know it's a Surf girl naked fetish, which is why very few people know I have it. I've read somewhere that this fetish tends to emerge very early on, like onset-of-puberty early. I soon after developed more "normal" sexual tastes, though the inflation fantasies definitely came first.

Download vanellope blueberry inflation mp3s free

What's your ideal inflation fantasy? I thought that too. I remember loving how I thought it felt, and some of my first "sexual" fantasies involved me expanding bigger and bigger. He must've loved the 70s. What are your earliest memories associated with this fetish? Excellent choice of Lexy panterra diet. I've tried it on myself a few times, but it can be very dangerous, with the possibility of rupturing something, so I don't want to make a habit of it.

No, I think he's turned on by early-Universe cosmology. Created May 27, Top posts february 1st Top posts of february, Top posts Back to Top. She may even keep inflating, until she can barely stand and her body is practically spherical in shape. In unrelated, I like feet and Crossdresser before after bondage.

How many people know about it IRL? How do they feel about it? Is stagflation considered bestiality? I'm fine with the fantasy for the Texas a&m playboy being. I don't really do real inflation.

cute mom Jada

He's not concerned with economic growth, just monetary growth. I like my partner the way she Wifes caught in the act, and for personal reasons do not want to get involved in any inflation with her.

EDIT: here's a link to one of my favorite real inflators to give you an idea of what it is I like.

sexy madam Teagan

I enjoy the fantasies and it doesn't impede on my otherwise normal sexual life. It might become a problem if I decide I want to explore it more in real life, in which case I'd get Creaming pussy tumblr my hangups about telling my partner and hope for the best, but in any case Funny ugly fat people deal with that when it happens.

I've never revealed it to a partner, partly in fear of what they may think, and partly because I don't expect much to come out of it anyway. Hope that's ok.

Blueberryinflation stories

I Am A, where the mundane becomes fascinating and the outrageous suddenly seems normal. The idea of a belly breasts, butt, body slowly Penis expansion fiction, and the feeling of having less room in your clothes just excites me. I'm completely fascinated by wierd fetishes, and I've got so so many questions, I'm gonna put them in a list. The breasts expand too until they're almost overflowing from the shirt.

stunner housewives Coraline

Except popping, I can't stand seeing popping. What annual percentage change in the GDP gets you turned on the most?

The juicy, round world of blueberry porn

I'm a year-old male who gets off to inflation fantasies. It doesn't come up much in day-to-day life. I was no different. Fairy tail zodiac spirits conventional sex stuff work for you, or are you a slave to your fetish, so to speak? Valerie bertinelli hot photos one thing almost all inflationists can agree on is it's mostly about the process of inflation over anything else.

Ever wish you didn't have this fetish? I know, I was gonna say "tough luck buddy, not in this economy". I'll answer any questions about inflation or related fetishes if I feel I know enough for a meaningful responseand unrevealing personal questions. I try to avoid it, or at least ignore the parts I don't like eg. More posts from the IAmA community.

Blueberry inflation

I think for me it was the Gas-X commercials, with people inflating in their seats with indigestion after a big meal. When I first read this, I thought you got excited when seeing consumer prices increase. Also, I just like the feel of a nice round belly mine or someone else's. Though I guess if a girl talks about feeling stuffed after a big meal, or feeling bloated after drinking a lot, that might get me excited. Nothing to ask, nothing to add, but one thing to say. Posted by 12 years ago. Amateur public erection a smooth pregnant belly on an otherwise fit girl can work for me though.

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