Biggest Object In Vagina
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Not sure what that wink was all about It's untactful to laugh.

damsel girlfriend Mckinley

Who wants a knuckle sandwich? He definitely does not know my username Yes I do.

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I asked my wife she said "your penis of course" but then she winked at me. Women of reddit, what's the largest thing you have ever put in your vagina?

horney wife Mariah

Why would it matter if he did? My SO's penis.

Women of reddit, what's the largest thing you have ever put in your vagina?

The wink scares me. Found the internet!

gorgeous Christina

Not sure what that wink was all about. An artificial cock.

cutie floozy Keilani

I fisted a girl at a party in 97' with brass nuckles on. Shouldn't the apostrophe go before the ?

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Just having a discussion with my SO, and wondered. You could have clubbed a ho to death with it, though.

hot personals Gracelynn

That's fucking metal. This comment fuckin' rules.

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I think it was 14" but don't exactly remember. One time a baby came out of there.

talent biatch Amelie

My good lad. Seems like a flattering comment.

slut woman Remington

Pardon, the fist does what and goes in where? Sort by: best.

Biggest object ever inserted in a vagina

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slut asian Margot

Ah the old knuckle ball. That was pretty fucking big. Thanks tho! Because that's how I'm picturing you.

ebony girls Lilyana

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