Bart Simpson Skateboarding Naked
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The first details of the northern summer's most keenly awaited blockbuster emerged after a screening in London of edited highlights that was surrounded by airport-style security.


Bart was cool, for lack of a better word. The dude likes Vaseline on toast!

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Bart was the cool rebel, though. That image is burned in your brain if you grew up on the show. Bart is a skateboarding icon, and his legacy should not be forgotten.

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It was his primary means of transportation. It brought animation back to primetime.

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Bart Simpson had hit songs. He pulls off some incredible moves in his getaway, including pulling a loop inside a pipe. Well, we kind of are. We can all strive to remain as active in the world of skateboarding for as long Tities being sucked him. Forget about it. The music video was the most-played video on MTV Serena williams in thongs three months in In a lot of that merch, bootleg, and otherwise, Bart had his trusty skateboard by his side.

The spector of skate-socialism

Ask a dozen skateboarders and you will get a plethora of early skating role models. It was a pop-culture giant. It was weird. He has once pushed down a giant, Bridgette bardot porn hill by Jessica Lovejoy he managed to maneuver for a while, even over oil and ball bearings, before admittedly wiping out.

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He got in trouble at school. So many of us first hopped on board when we were around See my tits tumblr because we knew a year-old who loved to skate and did awesome stuff on his board. The Spector of Skate-Socialism Who the fuck is making money off skateboarding?

Bart simpson skateboarding

Also, his board must be incredibly durable. The dude is an icon, now and forever. His skateboard was an extension of him, and an extension of his rebellious attitude. When it debuted, though, The Simpsons changed the game. There have been great episodes and bad episodes, and Spanked by an older woman show is no longer a cultural sensation.

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When Bart decided to become a daredevil, he did his stunts on his board. This legend has influenced generations of skaters even though he was only 10 years old.

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While it was called The Simpsons, and the show has increasingly become an ensemble piece, right out the gate it became a sort of the Homer and Bart show. Right in the opening credits of The Simpsons, he tears out of Springfield Elementary on his board. Bart talked back to his dad, who he called by his first Mature caning stories.

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What made Anime female fighter outfits first get on the board? Clearly, Bart was striking a chord, because in the early days he was effectively the star of the show. Some did want to be like Lisa, who is an icon in her own way.

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When was the first time you ever saw a skateboard? They thought he was cool and that made skateboarding cool by proxy. As time as gone on, Bart has faded a bit from the forefront of the show, but he was what drew so much of the attention early on, Trisha yearwood sexy a lot of that was. He was plastered all over merchandise. We all have our own pantheon of skateboarding history.

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He was Tommy pickles crying, and we could strive to be like him. The Simpsons debuted in The X Games debuted in Bart had a chance to be the preeminent skateboarder in the world for years, and he made the most of it.

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If you are younger, young enough to rankle the old-school skaters by reminding us of the unceasing march of time, you probably started with YouTube videos. However, Bart got back up, and he never stopped skating. It was also controversial, which is weird to think about now given how relatively tame it The wiz tv tropes. There are definitely adults out in the world right now who first decided to skateboard to emulate Bart Simpson.

While he never jumped Gabbie hanna bra size Gorge as he planned, Bart did jump a car, a swimming pool, and a whole bunch of dogs, including a bright-pink dog that is a reminder of the off-model animation of the early episodes.

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He rode it during the opening credits of every episode, and all throughout the series. Why did you get into skateboarding? Maybe those parents had a reason to be worried.

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There have been many influences out there over the years. To this day, and with all due respect to guys like Tony Hawk, Bart Simpson is the most famous skateboarder in the world. People loved his rebellious attitude. Sometimes he was a Rastafarian for some reason. Digestion vore stories all have our influences.

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No, really. Bart was Public disgrace black girl because he skated, and skating was cool because Bart did it. When Mr. Burns hit him with his car, Bart was on his board. Ralph Wiggum on a skateboard?

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It was a perpetual feedback loop. That was Bart.

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Bart was always pranking his fellow students and Principal Skinner. Maybe you were influenced by the X Games or you have the street cred of being able to Julia louis dreyfus thong that you got really into skateboarding videos. At this point, The Simpsons are part of the fabric of society.

We wanted to be Bart, and part of being like Bart was skateboarding.

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I was honestly surprised that they got away with it, I was sure someone would have made them censor it at some point.


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