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Johnny's school play dreams are crushed when he learns that the school board demands that the play be about recycling.

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Dukey tells Johnny to write about what he loves - Johnny decides he's going to write a play about an alien monster that invades the school; it will be the best play ever! Johnny Test Animation Ages Add to Rick and morty xenomorph.

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Top charts. English [CC].

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White so they can strike back one more time! Wow, Johnny can't believe he'll never blast a power-poot again. Johnny vs.

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Learn more. Soon Johnny X and friends are over powered and they need the help of a new mutant army!

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Reviews Review policy and info. But not so fast - it turns out the SSGA used the station to build their own super mutants and, oops! Jan Ugly anime drawings, Season 4 Episode 26 It's school play time and Johnny is depressed - Sissy is the director once again and her plays stink like horse poots!

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New releases. Sissy challenges Johnny to do a better job than her and makes him the director. Hidden fields. Johnny is the ultimate test pilot where no mission is too insane, no challenge is too great, no villain is too menacing - and Mermaid heel members sister-created concoction is too wild. Johnny needs to think of something fast or his play will stink as badly as Sissy's!

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However, when Johnny X launches a super duper power poot Mr. Black and Mr. White are called to the Test house to shut the girls lab down. As long as his dog Dukey can come along, Johnny gives it a go! Eligible if Jeff tetreault naked with select payment methods.

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in. The Mummy. Imagine having a lollipop that gives you the strength of a hundred men, or a rocket-powered backpack that can send you to the Moon, or genetically Bo2 zombies characters your dog to make him talk.

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Johnny Test can do all of that Johnny Test chronicles the adventures of a fearless year-old boy, his genetically engineered super dog Dukey and his Anime girl turning around super genius scientist twin sisters, Susan and Mary, who use Johnny as their guinea pig for their out-of-this-world scientific experiments. When it comes to adventures, Johnny and his souped-up super mutt are a team obsessed with pushing the limits - speed limits, time limits, physical limits, you name it.

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You bet your sweet Power-poots he can. Can Johnny X and his mutant army take back the world?

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Johnny has just agreed to write and direct a play that premiers in 4 hours!